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Instacart just made these offerings to us for the publicity, to make themselves look good.”

From a snack to a heartfelt thank you note, the Instacart community is finding new ways to express appreciation for their shoppers. Want to help spread the love? @romper  breaks down creative ways to thank your shopper during your next grocery delivery.

Joe Biden urges defeat of California ballot measure () - bankrolled by Uber, Lyft, DoorDash, Instacart & Postmates - that would exempt gig drivers from law making it difficult to claim workers are contractors rather than employees ()

We expected to the quicksand to look like sand, but instead it's Uber rides and permalancing and Instacart deliveries with no tips. It sucked so many people in our generation down, with no safety branches to hold onto. No 401Ks. No equity. Just apps and algorithms and gigs.

Hi Stuart, thanks for letting us shop for you! We appreciate you being apart of the Instacart Community. 🥕 -SP

If you missed @russellbrandom ’s Instacart story, you have to read it now if only to reward him for this very very very good pullquote.

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While millions of Americans are unemployed, this Instacart shopper says he’s happy to keep working despite safety risks and increased competition.

Today’s creation: cinnamon sweet potato muffins, recipe courtesy @Reenzetto  . Delish! We had a few but wrapped up the rest for mail, delivery, Instacart and construction workers (doing a reno above is) who come by.

The human cost of Instacart’s grocery delivery

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The human cost of Instacart’s grocery delivery -- @verge  @russellbrandom 


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On this #MayDay2020 , I stand with the workers at Amazon, Whole Foods, Instacart and Target who are on strike. Essential workers are putting their lives on the line and deserve protection and hazard pay. The endless corporate greed has got to end!

Workers at Amazon warehouses, Whole Foods grocery stores and Instacart food delivery do some of the most important jobs in America. These wealthy corporations must give them the paid sick leave, safe workplaces, and protective gear they are demanding.

On Monday, workers with Instacart will hold a nationwide strike and walk off their jobs until the company provides free protective equipment, an additional $5 per order in hazard pay, and an extension of the sick leave policy.

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.@Instacart was last valued at nearly $8 billion. A company of this size should not be forcing its workers to put themselves — and us all — at risk. I stand with the workers, and encourage Instacart to meet the their demands.

Number of people these U.S. companies plan to hire: Instacart 300,000 Walmart 150,000 Amazon 100,000 Dollar General 50,000 CVS 50,000 Albertsons 30,000 Pizza Hut 30,000 Dollar Tree 25,000 Papa John’s 20,000 7-Eleven 20,000 Dominos 10,000 Kroger 10,000 Walgreens 9,500 Pepsi 6,000

With workers at companies like Amazon and Instacart already on strike, it's time for a united effort.

"This could be devastating." A number of workers for two delivery service giants, Amazon and Instacart, are preparing to go on strike. They’re demanding added protections from the coronavirus and a boost in pay because of a massive increase in business, @SamNBCBayArea  reports.

Amazon warehouse workers in Staten Island and grocery deliverers for Instacart nationwide are preparing to strike — demanding stepped-up protection and pay as they continue to work amid the pandemic.

I support the workers at Amazon and Instacart striking for safe work conditions in the face of this deadly pandemic.

Reminder: There’s a nationwide Instacart strike tomorrow over lack of safety equipment, hazard pay and sick leave.

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