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@workingsux  Cowardly, querulous, not very bright, facilitator of Brexit & Johnson, defender of bigots, avoider of scrutiny, champion of terrorists, deluder of the desperate, deliverer of Downing Street to the maddest bunch of weirdos ever seen in politics outside his own inner circle...

“It is a sign of great inner insecurity to be hostile to the unfamiliar.” Anaïs Nin, born on this day in 1903, on embracing the unfamiliar:

Behind the huge frontage is a usually unseen glimpse in to the city's inner workings

173 medical workers from InnerMongolia Autonomous Region departed Friday to help the novel coronavirus control in Hubei.

Unleash your inner golf pro with the help of these innovative accessories

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You need to cut these friends from your inner circle if you want to be successful, according to this psychologist. (via @CNBCMakeIt )

We found the best tools to bring out your inner meat whisperer

After an 18-month investigation into fraud and money laundering, detectives from the State Crime Command's Financial Crimes Squad searched a home and a unit in South Strathfield, in Sydney's inner west, yesterday morning. #9News 

East County students get in touch with their inner movie director

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We should all wrap our arms of love around Demi Lovato. I am so happy you’re alive. Thank God. If I know my monsters as well as I believe I do, we all wish you self-compassion and inner peace. And may you receive the love so many have for you. #ImConfidentInDemi  Demi, I love you.

After years building up other countries, we are finally rebuilding OUR Country. From our inner cities to our rural communities, the forgotten men and women of America are forgotten NO LONGER! #OpportunityNow 

I believe all 7 billion human beings alive today are part of one human family. We are born and die in the same way. And what is most precious in our relations with others is warm-heartedness. It yields the peace of mind and inner strength that are fundamental to a happy community

If you set out to cheat and deceive others you’ll be tense and anxious in case you’re found out. But if you live your life and conduct your business on the basis of truth and honesty, it gives you a sense of satisfaction and self-confidence that is also a source of inner strength

When you care for others, you manifest an inner strength despite any difficulties you face. Your own problems will seem less significant and bothersome to you. Reaching beyond your own problems and taking care of others, you gain confidence, courage and a greater sense of calm.

Time is always moving on; nothing can stop it. We can’t change the past, but we can shape the future. The more compassionate you are, the more you will find inner peace.

Change in the world comes from individuals, from the inner peace in individual hearts. Just as ripples spread out when a single pebble is dropped into water, the actions of individuals can have far-reaching effects.

IMITATION GAME: This bear lets his inner child out as he jumps in unison with a 5-year-old boy at the Nashville Zoo.

Inner peace is the new success.

Everyone wants to lead a peaceful, happy life, but happiness and success aren’t measured by how much money you have, but by whether you have inner peace in your heart.