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In 2018, NASA launched the Parker Solar Probe to draw closer to the sun than any satellite before. Now, the first data from the probe's initial close passes of the sun have revealed some of the star's strange activity.

Six other Saudi nationals were detained for questioning near the scene of the shooting, including three who were seen filming the entire incident, according to a person briefed on the initial stages of the investigation.

An Indian man found buried treasure after he won $800,000 in a lottery. Using his initial winnings, Rathnakaran Pillai bought a plot of land in his hometown; while tilling the soil, he found a pot containing 2,595 coins. MORE:

As US revamps new process for #H1B  visa application, introducing an initial lottery screening application fee to just $10, fears of a huge spike in applicants hoping to get lucky ? via @WSJ 

World’s biggest IPO: More than 5 million people – Saudi citizens, resident expats and nationals of other GCC countries – bought shares in the initial public offering of @Saudi_Aramco , a record stock market flotation.

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Transjakarta caused traffic jams in initial years of operation, study says #jakpost 

“Economic grievances sparked the initial surge of action, but once the protests began, they appeared to activate deeper, preexisting dissatisfactions with the Islamic Republic as a whole.”

Shooting, crash and forgery suspects make initial court appearance

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The Anoka County Board approved a 3.97% property tax levy increase to help fund its 2020 budget of $335.1 million, whittling the levy increase once again after cutting the initial 8% proposed levy increase down to 4.97% this fall.

Touch ID technology was designed to enhance security and usability, and it would have, if people hailed its initial purpose and kept stronger passcodes.


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Archaeologists working at the ancient Roman city of Pompeii, Italy, uncovered the remains of a 30-year-old man who appears to have survived the initial eruption of Vesuvius in 79 A.D., only to be killed when he was struck by a large slab of stone

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BREAKING: House Republicans are reportedly considering moving Rep. Jim Jordan to the House Intelligence Committee, the panel that will conduct initial impeachment inquiry public hearings - CBS News

If President Obama (who got nowhere with North Korea and would have had to go to war with many millions of people being killed) had gotten along with North Korea and made the initial steps toward a deal that I have, the Fake News would have named him a national hero!

On this day in 2003, LeBron signed a historic $90M Nike deal at 18 years old. 🔲 Reebok handed him $10M check to not talk to other brands; Said no 🔲 Chose Nike’s legacy and signed for biggest initial deal ever 🔲 Built an empire worth $1B+ 🔲 Later got a lifetime contract

Sources: Prime Minister Narendra Modi trekked 2 kms to the cave and on request of media allowed cameras to make initial visuals. PM will begin his meditation in a few hours which will last till tomorrow morning. No media or personnel will be allowed in the vicinity of the cave.

The president’s legal team put out an initial statement that said: “the President did nothing wrong and Paul Manafort will tell the truth.” Minutes later, they put out a new statement that said simply: “the President did nothing wrong.”

Just finished the initial read thru of the final How I Met Your Mother. Ever. Holy moly. Just... holy dang moly. #soproud 

The unwinding of the initial backward spin on this story is (finally) making it clear what happened. WaPo headline here is long, but gets it: "Ethics officials said Whitaker should recuse from the Mueller probe, but his advisers told him not to"

Fewer viewers than the first SOTU’s for Obama in 2010, Bush in 2002, Clinton in 1994. “Which means Trump’s initial SOTU, the third longest in history, is now also the least watched address in nearly a quarter of a century.”

The initial 200k was raised in less than 2 hours. I have now raised the goal to 500k. Your support is phenomenal!