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Chelsea have held initial talks with Antonio Rudiger about a new long-term contract ✍️

The #Dow  Jones opened yesterday right at the gap-fill we have been discussing as an initial target off the lows. Get your #equities  market update from @PaulRobinsonFX  here:

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@tommyxtopher  Ah then I must have imagined him being literally the last one of two candidates out of an initial 20 odd candidates, or that he was the literal nationwide frontrunner, both in terms of national polls and primary wins, just a matter of weeks ago. Lol.

Support your people; Sustain your #organization ; Lead your organization from initial response to recovery with our complimentary collection of #COVID19  research and tools here: . #Coronavirus  #Leadership  #Resources 

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Initial reporting on a disaster may not get everything right, but it creates a record of what was known at the time. This is particularly important because evidence has a way of getting destroyed. China, for instance, is re-writing what happened in Hubei province in real time. 2/

Extreme Networks helps to expedite the installation of connected pop-up sites outside of hospitals for initial assessment of coronavirus symptoms.

Chrome 81 released with initial support for the Web NFC standard

The World Health Organization "could have been more forceful, especially in the initial stages in the crisis when there was a cover-up and there was inaction,” a global health expert said

"BofA" reckons initial jobless claims will rise to 6.5mln this week (data released tomorrow)

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#China has partially lifted its 76-day lockdown of #Wuhan , the initial epicenter of the #COVID-19  pandemic, with residents allowed to leave if cleared as virus-free by authorities, the @SCMPNews  reported April 8.


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Early projections (in orange & blue) showed we would need 55K to 110K hospital beds. The purple line shows where we are. We are tracking better than the initial models, which is good news. Social distancing appears to be working. We must keep it up.

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Unemployment Insurance Weekly ClaimsInitial claims were 3,283,000 for the week ending 3/21 (+3,001,000). Insured unemployment was 1,803,000 for the week ending 3/14 (+101,000).

It took 70 days from initial notification for Trump to treat the coronavirus not as a distant threat or harmless flu strain, but as a lethal force poised to kill tens of thousands. That period now stands as critical time that was squandered.

More than 100,000 Americans are expected to die after a slow initial government response to the coronavirus pandemic and the first person to be fired is ... the aircraft carrier captain who pleaded for help for his stricken crew. @ckubeNBC ⁩

Coronavirus burial pits so vast they’re visible from space. Iranian authorities began digging a pair of trenches for victims just days after the government disclosed the initial outbreak.

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UPDATE: The finance minister of the German state of Hesse, Thomas Schäfer, apparently committed suicide in despair about the scale of the state response required to tackle the #coronavirus  crisis, initial investigations suggest.

Archaeologists working at the ancient Roman city of Pompeii, Italy, uncovered the remains of a 30-year-old man who appears to have survived the initial eruption of Vesuvius in 79 A.D., only to be killed when he was struck by a large slab of stone

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If President Obama (who got nowhere with North Korea and would have had to go to war with many millions of people being killed) had gotten along with North Korea and made the initial steps toward a deal that I have, the Fake News would have named him a national hero!

Fewer viewers than the first SOTU’s for Obama in 2010, Bush in 2002, Clinton in 1994. “Which means Trump’s initial SOTU, the third longest in history, is now also the least watched address in nearly a quarter of a century.”

The initial 200k was raised in less than 2 hours. I have now raised the goal to 500k. Your support is phenomenal!