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Pure Evil. As if the last week didn’t open people’s eyes Democrats are doubling down on killing babies AFTER they’re born!!!

House Democrats Once Again Block Bill Protecting Infants Born Alive After Abortion
These teenage reporters wrote obituaries for every child who has been killed by gun violence since Parkland.

In 12 months, it's more than 1200 stories.
More than 300 children & siblings.
More than 80 infants & toddlers.

Read the stories. #ParklandStrong
1,100 American kids have been killed with guns since Parkland. There were more than:

40 college-bound seniors:

80 infants/toddlers:

30 artists:

40 community volunteers:
If your definition of feminism is the free and willful murder of born-alive infants, you're not a feminist. You're barely deserve the title human being.
Trump told two demonstrable falsehoods this AM, one about his administration’s policy of separating undocumented immigrant kids inclu infants from their parents, which he tried to claim wasn’t his own policy. The other was falsely claiming his own aide didn’t give a bg briefing.
Trump’s Centralized State is even banning the Red Cross from visiting those infants and toddlers being incarcerated by Trump. What do Trump and Pence have to hide?
There is truth in the world but it is now being obscured by fanatics who want to advance their political agenda at any cost - even if that means terminating infants alive in front of them. What say you, Kamala Harris?
Rep. Tim Ryan isn't even trying to hide his outrage at the Trump administration's policy of stripping 'kids, babies, toddlers, infants from their parents.'
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Black infants in America are now more than twice as likely to die as white infants — a racial disparity that is actually wider than in 1850, 15 years before the end of slavery
George HW Bush systematically attacked the civilian infrastructure in Iraq. He turned hospitals into death rows for infants. He widely used depleted uranium, causing cancer rates to skyrocket. He made Iraq a mass graveyard. And the killing hasn’t stopped since.
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