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"We fight for mother Earth, because the fight for mother Earth is the mother of all other fights," says 19-year-old Indigenous activist Artemisa Xakriabá of @ApibOficial . "We are fighting for your lives, we are fighting for our lives, we are fighting for our sacred territory."

Indigenous people are doing “green jobs” — but protecting the landscape is too often unrecognized, unpaid labor. by @nick_w_estes 

In Indonesia, indigenous people are being forced off their ancestral lands to build palm oil plantations. The loss of forests contributes to climate change. The government is failing in its duty to protect these people's rights.

"We're here to write a new story ... in which our country is doing everything in its power to adjust not only to the climate crisis, but the systemic injustices at its roots," Indigenous'>Afro-Indigenous climate activist @vict_barrett  said at Friday's climate strike in NYC.

An international group of indigenous leaders met in New York during the UN climate summit to call attention to the destruction of their land, confront climate change and ask for increased protections for the environment.

The Indonesian government is failing to protect the rights of Indigenous peoples, who have lost their traditional forests and livelihoods to oil palm plantations. Daily Brief:

Indigenous women traveled 3,000 miles to save an Alaskan forest from Trump | Grist

At one time, she just wanted to blend in. Now, @onawalabelle  is standing out as an Indigenous scholar @U Windsor. We'll meet her at 7:15. Tune to 97.5fm in Windsor or 91.9fm in Leamington or stream live here -

Human Rights Watch claims Indigenous groups in Indonesia are 'suffering significant harm' at the hands of palm oil companies

NEW | Indigenous high schoolers to explore world of business with new Grenfell Campus program Story by: @CBCbird  #cbcnl 

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The Amazon was in danger long before the fire that’s ravaged the rainforest for three weeks. Indigenous communities in Brazil have been struggling with illegal mining, logging, and the loss of protected status for indigenous lands.

Brazil's President Bolsonaro must answer for this devastation. The Amazon creates over 20% of the world's oxygen and is home to one million Indigenous people. Any destruction affects us all.

The Amazon is on fire, turning the homes of indigenous people, millions of plant and animal species and one of the world's most important carbon sinks into ash. This isn't a freak accident: this is what a climate emergency looks like.

Deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon has increased 67% since President Jair Bolsonaro came into power. These Indigenous women are taking a stand.

The Fires Are Raging and The Amazonia continues to burn.........This is a devastation to Brazil—to the indigenous people who live there and the-plant and animal species that make this the most important bio-diverse Forest!!! President Bolsonaro please...

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Indian at heart, Indian in spirit! What would make every Indian overjoyed is the fact that #Chandrayaan2  is a fully indigenous mission. It will have an Orbiter for remote sensing the Moon and also a Lander-Rover module for analysis of lunar surface.

“The Amazon region is burning!” The largest rainforest in the world, vital in the fight against global warming, home to one million indigenous people and millions of plants and animals This year it has seen “a record number of fires” (Inpe) THREAD⬇️

#MissionShakti is special for 2 reasons: (1) India is only the 4th country to acquire such a specialised & modern capability. (2) Entire effort is indigenous. India stands tall as a space power! It will make India stronger, even more secure and will further peace and harmony.

India will be eternally grateful to Shri Manohar Parrikar for his tenure as our Defence Minister. When he was RM, India witnessed a series of decisions that enhanced India’s security capacities, boosted indigenous defence production and bettered the lives of ex-servicemen.

Today, I was on Alcatraz Island at the Indigenous People’s Sunrise Gathering, in solidarity with those celebrating their culture and paying respects to those that participated in the 19 month occupation of Alcatraz in an effort to force to honor the Treaty of Fort Laramie.