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Why is the @gatesfoundation  choosing this moment to honor Indian PM Modi (for fighting open defecation), as Muslims in India face a clampdown in Kashmir, loss of citizenship in Assam, and unremedied violence across the country.

Three Nobel Laureates object to the @gatesfoundation  honoring Indian PM Modi at this time, noting Kashmir and Assam as "cause for great concern."

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More are asking why the @gatesfoundation  is choosing now to honor Indian PM Modi despite widespread abuses against Muslims: the intense crackdown in Kashmir, mass denial of citizenship in Assam, unremedied violence throughout the country.

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“The sudden reorganization of Jammu and Kashmir has begun to adversely impact the process of Sino-Indian rapprochement that was picking up after last year’s informal summit between Narendra Modi and Xi Jinping at Wuhan”

The Modi government is now aiming at retrieving parts of Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK) to make them part of the Indian mainland. [REPORT]

Since India's Modi made good on his promise and removed what little remained of Kashmiri autonomy, two distinct narratives emerged. @AJListeningPost  take a look at how Indian and international news outlets are reporting on Kashmir

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So vella: Pak Minister who got shock after taking Modi’s name on Kashmir Day clashes with Indian Twitter user over bomb comment

Qureshi said Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi had to face embarrassment in his attempts to prevent the Kashmir issue from being highlighted internationally.

The diplomat’s comments reflect mounting Pakistani frustration over the Modi government’s deployment in early August of nearly 200,000 Indian troops to a central section of Jammu and Kashmir along India’s northern border.


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Closing its eyes to Indian PM Modi's persecution of Muslims in Kashmir (and his tolerance of violence against Muslims throughout India), the United Arab Emirates honors him.

What is Kashmir like under Indian PM Modi's lockdown? These photos give you a sense of a people under siege:

Did the UAE inappropriately honor Indian PM Modi today despite Kashmir as payback for Modi having forced Princess Latifa back to the UAE and into ongoing custody after she tried to escape her father the Dubai ruler's gilded prison?

Pakistani PM Imran Khan slammed his Indian counterpart Narendra Modi for committing a 'strategic blunder' in Kashmir

Indian PM Modi’s elimination of Kashmir’s autonomy is particularly controversial because it is seen as the next step in his Hindu nationalist agenda, with Muslims bearing the consequences.

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PM Khan asking @POTUS  for help in mediating resolution with India over Kashmir. @POTUS  says he's also been asked by Indian PM Modi to help resolve Kashmir dispute PM Khan says Pres Trump would have Pakistan's prayers if he could resolve Kashmir.

MORE: Trump says Indian PM Narendra Modi has also asked him to help with disputed Kashmir region, he would love to be a mediator