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@ImranKhanPTI : I am more worried about India right now than even Pakistan. Because India is not heading in the right direction. #CFRLive 

Just in | Pakistan PM Imran Khan speaking at @CFR_org  - "I have known India more than any other Pakistani, known more people there because of cricket, and I am worried. India today is not the India of Gandhi and Nehru, but of Hindu supremacy," reports @suhasinih .

#HowdyModi – In @realDonaldTrump  - @narendramodi  bonhomie, big message for terror backers. US President endorses India’s line on Pakistan. Watch#TheRightStand  with @AnchorAnandN .

Russia, China, India hold joint anti-terrorism exercises with Pakistan and four Central Asian republics last week

After criticizing India on Kashmir, Imran Khan declines comment on China's internment of million Uighurs. "With the Chinese we have a special relationship and any issues like this we talk to them privately." Jokes Pakistan already has enough problems with neighbors @CFR_org 

India ranks 131 in mobile internet speeds; falls below Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Nepal: Report

Qun on whether Pakistan worried about radical backlash within. IK (in jest): I have so much to worry about already, and then we have India to worry about.... Don’t know how you would cope with it Richard, probably have a heart attack.

Imran Khan speaking @CFR_org  is lavish in his praise of China, says they’re his role model re poverty and corruption and helped Pakistan when at “rock bottom”. Refuses to comment on Uighurs. Says he has enough problems with India and Afghanistan

#HowdyModi -- U.S President@realDonaldTrump  endorses India’s line on Pakistan. Tough talk on terror trumps Pakistan? Watch#TheRightStand  with @AnchorAnandN  at 7:57 PM.

#HowdyModi : PM Modi shames Pakistan. Listen in to India Today' @gauravcsawant  for more on this #7At7 '>Watc #7At7  wit @Chaiti  Live:


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Spoke to my two good friends, Prime Minister Modi of India, and Prime Minister Khan of Pakistan, regarding Trade, Strategic Partnerships and, most importantly, for India and Pakistan to work towards reducing tensions in Kashmir. A tough situation, but good conversations!

India must break diplomatic relations with Pakistan tonight. Then draw upon land for breaking Pak into 4

Most dangerous countries for women, 2018. 1. India 2. Afghanistan 3. Syria 4. Somalia 5. Saudi Arabia 6. Pakistan 7. DR Congo 8. Yemen 9. Nigeria 10. United States (Thomson Reuters)

Vajpayee govt hires Harish Salve as ICJ lawyer for India against corrupt Enron. Who used to be Enron lawyer? P Chidambaram. 2004. UPA wins. He’s FM. UPA replaces Salve with Khawar Qureshi, now Pakistan lawyer at IJC. India loses to Enron. Imagine the evil.

CRPF Personnel Ratan Thakur's (who lost his life in #PulwamaTerrorAttack  ) father in Bhagalpur: I have sacrificed a son in Mother India's service, I will send my other son as well to fight, ready to give him up for Mother India, but Pakistan must be given a befitting reply. #Bihar 

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I don’t have a view whether Kashmir should be part of India, Pakistan, or independent. That should be left to the Kashmiris. I do have a view on Kashmiris being shot, blinded, sexually assaulted, illegally detained, & cut off from the world - it’s an outrage. #StandwithKashmir 

#WATCH Seoul, South Korea: BJP and RSS leaders including Shazia Ilmi confront Pakistan supporters raising anti-Modi and anti-India slogans

Congi should learn from their Rehanuma Pak PM Imran Khan. His ISI masters told him that BJP will win majority and India will carry out the char tukda operation on Pakistan . So he wooing Modi with sweet words now

Most dangerous countries for women, 2018. 1. India 2. Afghanistan 3. Syria 4. Somalia 5. Saudi Arabia 6. Pakistan 7. DR Congo 8. Yemen 9. Nigeria 10. United States (Thomson Reuters)

Kashmir is an integral part of India and will remain so always. Kashmir is the pious land where my forefathers were born. I hope bhai asks Pakistan Army to stop terrorism and proxy war in our Kashmir. We want peace, not bloodshed and violence. 🙏