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#7YearsOfOneDirection Wow! We've been on an incredible journey. Special thanks to all of our fans for being there ❤️you inspire me everyday
All the support has been incredible! Let's do this together tonight .
Thank you to the Academy and the incredible cast & crew of #TheRevenant. #Oscars
Very sad news . Louis I love you mate and I'm / all of us are here for you all the way . You're mum was an incredible person .
Your support has been incredible , truly incredible so thank you so much !
You have been by far the most incredible fanbase and nothing you do goes unnoticed . We are so lucky to have you guys ! Thanks so much :)
Every single day we are thankful for the platform that you incredible people gave us . What an amazing 5 years it's been !!
The incredible powder made from soy beans separates dirt from water, and could help solve global water crises.
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I hope you realise what we have all done together really is incredible. You guys have made us what we are today! We'll be back soon enough!
Thanks to the boys too, we've seen and done some incredible things together, love you all !
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