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Trump just made his most self-serving deal ever – the tax bill. With its decrease in the top rate, its pass through income and estate tax cuts, his family stands to make more money than all of their previous deals combined.
On Taxes: “This is the biggest corporate rate cut ever, going back to the corporate income tax rate of roughly 80 years ago.This is a huge pro-growth stimulus for the economy. Every year the Obama WH overstated how the economy would grow. Now real economics and jobs.” @WSJ Report
Rick Pence, worker at closing Harley-Davidson plant: "When the tax cut finally rolled down to us, I got about $16, $17 more a week. But now Harley's giving me one heck of a tax cut because I won't have no income at all next year and my tax will be zero." #inners
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Personal income tax rate

Sweden: 61%
Japan: 56%
Netherlands: 52%
Israel: 50%
Germany: 47%
Australia: 45%
China: 45%
France: 45%
UK: 45%
Italy: 43%
Norway: 38%
US: 37%
India: 35%
Mexico: 35%
Turkey: 35%
Canada: 33%
Indonesia: 30%
Brazil: 27%
Pakistan: 20%
Russia: 13%
Saudi: 0%
OMG you mean people who pay income taxes will see more benefit from a tax cut than people who don't? STOP, YOU'RE KILLING AMERICANS!
I agree with Bill Gates. At a time of massive income and wealth inequality, the last thing Congress should do is give huge tax breaks to billionaires. The very wealthy should be paying more in taxes, not less.
It's indefensible to pass a tax cut for the wealthy that adds $1.4 trillion to the deficit and in the same breath argue we don't have the money to fund health care for low-income kids.
An interesting fact about Norway is that they post every Norwegian’s income tax return on the Internet
Trump said corporations pay the highest tax rates in the world. Not true. 1 in 5 large profitable companies pay $0 in federal income taxes.
Last year Amazon's federal income tax rate was zero. That was apparently too much for my Republican colleagues. Under the Trump tax bill, Amazon will get an additional $789 million tax break on the profits they shifted to offshore tax havens.
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