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The tax cut alone for someone making a million dollars from GOP bill is equal to the US median income.
Trump said corporations pay the highest tax rates in the world. Not true. 1 in 5 large profitable companies pay $0 in federal income taxes.
Exclusive: NYT has obtained parts of Trump's 1995 tax records. He could have paid no federal income tax for 18 years
The most hilariously brazen part of the bill is a *retroactive* tax cut on investment income. Retroactive! What a joke.
We have undocumented immigrants in America who are paying more federal income tax than a so-called billionaire. #DebateNight
The richest America would get a $346 billion tax cut from cutting health care for lower-income Americans.
At a time of massive income and wealth inequality the last thing we need is more tax breaks for millionaires.
BREAKING: Trump lawyer: Tax returns from past 10 years show no "income of any type from Russian sources," with few exceptions.
At a time of grotesque income inequality, the rich do not need more tax breaks and working people do not need cuts to basic needs.
Our Govt. has taken the landmark decision of publishing the income tax data. It is a big step towards transparency & informed policy making
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