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Now Open InATL blackinkatlanta 2989 N Fulton Dr. NE Atlanta, GA  30305 #blackinkcrew …

#NewsAlert: Salvatore Girone to stay in Italy till I'natl Tribunal disposes both marines' plea challenging India' jurisdiction to try them.

@sleepless_inATL What a great view! Thank you for sharing and be sure to let us know if we can be of any assistance. ^MG

@georgemagnus1 Just a plea to end inconsistency: bombing ISIS in Syria while claiming we can't do anything about Assad because of i'natl law

Obama says if congress kills this deal w/o expert analysis & w/o a viable alternative it will collapse inat'l cooperation.

Dayton says he'll urge the commission that runs the Minneapolis-St. Paul Inat'l Airport to adopt a $10 minimum wage:

A large number of world-renowned AIDS researchers/activists heading to an inat'l AIDS conference were on board #MH17 :