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Firing of Sally Yates underscores how impt it is to have an Attorney General who'll stand up to the WhiteHouse when they violate the law.
So impt Rep Senators, under leadership of @SenateMajLdr McConnell get healthcare plan approved. After 7yrs of O'Care disaster, must happen!
Most members tell me blizzard of angry constituent calls were most impt factor in getting the House to sideline the amdt
If true that Mueller has impaneled a grand jury, suggests his work is proceeding. All the more impt that Congress protect his independence.
I intro'd bill earlier this year to repeal the #JonesAct, which is more imp't than ever for hurricane-ravaged areas
#ParisAgreement was signed marking an impt. step in ensuring a livable future. We have the tools to prevent disaster
Attention headline writers: Trump criticized the timing -- not the substance -- of the House ethics move.

The distinction is impt
Last night, @SenateGOP decided to throw the mother-of-all monkey wrenches into their bill: repealing the individual mandate. Impt to remember @USCBO already said that would cause 13M fewer Americans to have health insurance & would raise premiums by 10%.
Rows of 8-10 women, arms interlinked, are walking red carpet@ #cannes. The announcers call it “an important, powerful image,” noting that “the awareness that has come since H-Day, Harvey Day, as it is called, unfort. a terrible event & the consequences nevertheless can b v impt.”
A lot to unpack from POTUS' news conference. Most impt: Continued dodging direct questions about contact w/Russia.
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