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All Americans R granted rights 2 peaceful protests
Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable-JFK
We have been a band for five years. And it is impossible to thank anyone enough for all the support they have given us over this time..
5 years ago today since my audition! Still an impossible thing to comprehend! Everyone who's ever supported us we can never thank you enough
One good thing about that abomination of a speech: it's now impossible for any Trump supporter to pretend they don't know what he is.
I do wish I could answer everyone but that's an impossible task
It’s now impossible to make the case that John Kelly is a better chief of staff than @Reince Priebus.

Would Priebus have pushed Trump toward shutdown like Kelly did?

Is Kelly the most politically incompetent chief of staff in history?
Spend your time now focusing 100% on your passion because when you truly fall in love itll be almost impossible focusing on anything else
Wembley. Wow. Thank you for a night impossible to ever forget.
It's impossible to listen to @KaceyMusgraves@KaceyMusgraves too much. Don't tell anyone.
Sen. Schumer: "Negotiating with this White House is like negotiating with jello. It's next to impossible."
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