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Specific details are a little thin, but the areas Pfizer will target will need to dovetail with its own focuses including oncology, rare diseases, internal medicine, inflammation and immunology and vaccines.

"It's not been that easy to produce vaccines for diseases – and this is a disease where the immunology seems to be quite complicated." Waiting for a #coronavirus  jab is a risky strategy, according to the architect of Sweden's Covid-19 plan

Vincent Racaniello, a professor of microbiology and immunology at Columbia University spoke to CCTV on Wednesday about U.S. government failures in taking measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Here's what he said.

The new generation of Belgian trainee diplomats is called the Jules Bordet promotion. 🔬 The Belgian Jules Bordet received the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 1919 as a founding father of immunology. Our 30 trainee diplomats started their two-year training programme this month.

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The Socrates Institute for Therapeutic Immunology is run from the home of a defiant 92-year-old retired biochemist in Philadelphia. It also claims to have found the cure for cancer.

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dralex: Ive a GREAT idea. Where there are people without any specialty in medicine, viruses & immunology - ie most of twitter - trying desperately to make sense of all this science, when it's hard enough for professionals, let's not tell them theyre immune OK?! & Virus 'TAMED'?!!

Only about half of Americans in a recent poll say they’ll get a COVID-19 vaccination when it becomes available, according to a recent study. A Pittsburgh-based immunology expert said he hopes they change their minds.

First results from human COVID-19 immunology study reveal universally effective #antibodies  @RockefellerUniv 

Stock Alert: Argenx Shares Up 30% On Topline Data From Phase 3 ADAPT Trial Of Efgartigimod: Shares of argenx (ARGX) are rising over 30% in pre-market today, after the global immunology company announced positive topline data from the pivotal ADAPT… RTT

An immunology expert told @PatKennyNT  that all healthcare and nursing home workers should be tested for COVID-19 every two to three weeks - saying it’s a ‘no-brainer’ to help limit transmission of the virus.


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Looking for a review of everything we know (and don't know) about the immunology of #COVID19 ? Here it is: it's impressive! by @ImmunityCP  and team 🙏 @neoviral  @SinaiImmunol 

It's like we're in 2 different worlds 1. US policy w/o @CDCgov , leadership, starting v late w/o tests, reopening w/ rising deaths 2. Science making unprecedented, rapid advances in immunology, structural biology, drugs, nAbs, vaccine And 1 doesn't listen to 2

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If you have asthma, you are among those at greatest risk in the coronavirus pandemic and must take precautions, according to the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology.

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Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie today announced a $1 million contribution to Penn Medicine to establish the COVID-19 Immunology Defense Fund.

Army immunology chief says many people probably caught COVID-19 but had no symptoms

A professor of clinical immunology at the University of Florence has reported how blanket testing in a completely isolated village of roughly 3000 people in northern Italy saw the number of people with covid-19 symptoms fall by over 90% within 10 days

The curve. “Total, compete personal isolation and social distancing is the only way to prevent disaster in Australia. It’s now or never. Every day on an exponential curve is so critical.” Dan Suan, Staff Specialist, Immunology Westmead Hospital & researcher at Garvan Inst.

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The top 12 top drugs for 2018 = ~$100,000,000,000 $51.4 Billion for 6 #cancer  drugs $34.5 Billion for 3 immunology drugs $12.9 Billion for 1 heart, 1 eye drug (in the old days a blockbuster was $1B)

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Presenting ‘Immunology wars: The battle with HIV’, an animation of the cellular and molecular events that ensue when HIV infects the body, and the immune system's fight to control it. Visit our Nature Milestone on HIV research to learn more:

NASA's Twins Study has yielded an amazing amount of data and research that has culminated into 3 key findings related to telomeres, gene expression and immunology.