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Risk factors aside, it’s a roll of the dice how each person’s immune system will respond to #COVID19 . Researchers want to know if plasma from people who have recovered can help those who need it most. But first, they need the #plasma :

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News & Views: A Nature paper reveals a mechanism that enables pancreatic cancer cells to evade an immune response. It finds that inhibition of this pathway, using drugs or by genetic approaches, reverses this immune evasion in animal models.

We’re currently testing two COVID-19 vaccine candidates. Here’s how they each work to provide your immune system with the tools needed to fight the virus. #Coronavirus  #COVID19  @WHO  @UniofOxford  @InovioPharma 

“It looks like about 20% of people have really, really an extraordinarily good immune response" to COVID-19, says a doctor leading a study to find if some people make better plasma donors for coronavirus treatment. 60 Minutes reports, Sunday.

we know that #pesticides  affect the immune system of #bees . Dr Susan Kegley via TheOrganicView #beekeeping 

Building the immune system of our land & our bodies - The Biggest Little Farm @apricotlanefarm  - John & Molly Chester via @FoodLiesOrg 

dralex: Ive a GREAT idea. Where there are people without any specialty in medicine, viruses & immunology - ie most of twitter - trying desperately to make sense of all this science, when it's hard enough for professionals, let's not tell them theyre immune OK?! & Virus 'TAMED'?!!

Chiropractors Sparring over Immune-Boosting Claims


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One man... immune to information. PANDUMBIC

Masturbation boosts your immune system and raises your white blood cell count, helping you fight off infection and illness:

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Can we just stipulate that just because you have “Dr.” in front of your name doesn’t make you immune from saying some very stupid things?

Anger and fear undermine our immune system, while warm-heartedness brings peace of mind. Therefore, just as we teach children to comply with physical hygiene for the good of their health, we should also counsel them in a kind of hygiene of the emotions.

Restarting our economy will require one thing above all else – testing. Testing to show who's currently infected. Testing to show who's had the virus and is immune. Social distancing won't end because it's Easter. It'll end when we have sufficient testing. Here’s how we do it.

"We failed and tried again, and failed and tried again." Not even #BTS  is immune to stress, fear and feeling overwhelmed. Here's what the boys had to say about support from their fans. #BTSARMYARMY  [Tap to expand]

In the “old days” if you were President and you had a good economy, you were basically immune from criticism. Remember, “It’s the economy stupid.” Today I have, as President, perhaps the greatest economy in history...and to the Mainstream Media, it means NOTHING. But it will!

BREAKING NEWS The 2018 #NobelPrize  in Physiology or Medicine has been awarded jointly to James P. Allison and Tasuku Honjo “for their discovery of cancer therapy by inhibition of negative immune regulation.”

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We know Canada isn't immune to racist violence & hate. We condemn it in all its forms & send support to the victims in Charlottesville.

Under the White House legal theory, witnesses are immune from subpoena if they have: - Worked for the President (or not) - When he was President (or not) - About conversations the President was in (or not) Wrong. Corruption isn't a privilege. And compliance isn't voluntary.