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“The Immoral Majority” by @BenHowe  is such an important book for Americans to read and for evangelicals to debate. Critically important.

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I'm going to buy one of you @BenHowe 's new book "The Immoral Majority"! Reply to this tweet w the most important principle you follow in your life by 5p et 8/8 l'll randomly pick a winner. Plus, listen to us talk principles & politics on @EffectRoth  ->

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You must listen to the new episode of #TheRothEffect  w guest @BenHowe . We cover principles, politics and his new book, "The Immoral Majority"-- check it out @Ricochet , iTunes and wherever fine podcasts are downloaded:

There’s a festering sea of suffering humanity in America, both immoral & unnecessary. While 1% are well served by our govt, the vast majority are but serfs to a New American Aristocracy. We must more than lessen the pain of the serfs; we must dissolve the aristocracy. #bigtruth 

@TomCottonAR  What is relevant today was the "Southern strategy " of Richard Nixon, who cynically embraced the unreconstructed Dixiecrats like Strom Thurmond and Reagan's embrace of the thoroughly immoral "moral majority. " They had and have nothing to do with the Party of Lincoln.

Supreme Court says FUCT, a clothing brand pronounced F-U-C-T, can be trademarked despite reading like F-wordJustice Kagan, writing the SCOTUS majority, said FUCT was eligible despite a law prohibiting such protection for "immoral," "scandalous" material.

@Edsall : Mitch McConnell presides over a Republican majority that has become the fervent ally of a president determined to embrace and embolden a white America hostile to immigrants and committed to an immoral racial hierarchy

All it takes is a majority in the Senate and a corrupt Senate Majority leader. For two years it was helped by partisan and corrupt GOP leadership in the House. They are immoral and disgusting, but don't fault them alone. They are after all, living the American Dream.


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Trump has committed impeachable offenses however the Republican majority Senate won’t convict,evidence and facts be damned.The House however can censure Trumps’ illegal and immoral conduct and not let his unpresidential and horrific conduct go unchecked and unchallenged.

.: “Americans, with a clear majority, want border controls. And they don’t like being told they’re immoral for wanting them.” #BestOfWashTimes 

The Trump administration is holding our government hostage over demands for his immoral border wall. This week, when we assume the majority in the House, Democrats will move swiftly to reopen the government and get to work on a bold, progressive agenda for the American people.

The vast majority of those seeking asylum in the U.S. are fleeing horrific situations in their home countries. Turning them away from entering the U.S. is not only immoral but may be unlawful.

Majority in Spanish Congress opposes EU-Turkey "pact of shame." Called "illegal," "immoral."

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