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@brolyxtreme  Hotter take: The Thirty Years War, the Great Turkish War, the Imjin War, and the Fall of the Ming Dynasty were part of one global war. Top THAT.

Most underappreciated wars (in America) in modern history: 1. The Taiping Rebellion 2. The Imjin War (+ the fall of the Ming Dynasty) 3. The Iran-Iraq War 4. The Russo-Japanese War 5. The Sino-Vietnamese War (1979) 6. The Paraguayan War 7. The Second Congo War

Imjin War: Let to the closing of Japan, prompted the fall of the Ming dynasty and China's further slide into stagnation, thus altering the whole course of world development.

In 1952, Canadian soldiers swapped rifles for hockey sticks. 🏒 Today, a commemorative hockey game was played once again along the Imjin River while soldiers watched, much the same way they did during the Korean War. MORE: Photos via

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