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Imagine how much more advanced society would be today if women, who comprise half the world’s brain power, were socially & intellectually enfranchised from the beginning of civilization.
Imagine niall looking at you with those eyes like your the only woman in the world I CAHNT BREAUTHEE #BeAFanDay
Imagine trying to bully me but you actually end your own career instead ✌🏻
🤣 Imagine the scene...

For weeks you have taught your class how a caterpillar 🐛 becomes a butterfly 🦋 by nurturing one in your classroom...

You go outside to release the butterfly into the world and inspire the children with the wonders of nature... then this happens...
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Can you imagine being so scared you urinate on yourself? 😢 This needs to STOP.
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When President Obama said that he has been to “57 States,” very little mention in Fake News Media. Can you imagine if I said that...story of the year! @IngrahamAngle
Women make up 51% of the population. Imagine if we made up 51% of Congress?
Imagine what life would be like if the only “trusted” news source is the government, mandating what’s reported and controlling what appears in internet search engine results. I’ve visited places like that. They are not the United States of America.
Brett Kavanaugh talking about his high school in 2015: “What happens at Georgetown Prep, stays at Georgetown Prep.”

I can't imagine any parent accepting this view. Is this really what America wants in its next Supreme Court Justice?
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Every woman's nightmare is being trapped in the back of a sinking car, gasping for air, I'd imagine. Did you ever ask your uncle about it?
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