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@Milliganreports  It would be interesting to know the official view of #stkevinscollege ’s neighbouring “sister” school, St Catherine’s. My eldest went there because there was fierce feminism there despite the establishment profile. Can’t imagine they’re impressed.

The wildfires ravaging Australia are forcing the country to imagine an entirely new way of life. When summer is feared. When kids are kept indoors. When bird song and the rustle of marsupials in the bush give way to an eerie, smoky silence.

A Syrian father has taught his 4-year-old daughter a 'laughing game' to distract her from the sounds of air strikes. Imagine having to do this with your children.

At this point, I can't imagineLeon Draisaitl NOT winning the NHL scoring race. Does that make him the Hart Trophy winner? I don't see why not. Here's a deep dive into his back story from last month, before he pulled away from the pack:

Sen. Bernie Sanders slams Mike Bloomberg: "Especially after being mayor of New York and having a racist stop and frisk policy... Imagine a multibillionaire asking for cuts to Medicare and Medicaid."

Try to imagine what he went through. No sympathy at all? Well maybe it’s me.

@BobIrvingCJOB  Can you imagine the fight between football ops and business ops. "If we pick Saskatchewan we'll draw 40,000 " vs "If we pick BC we'll win. "

“You can’t imagine what goes through your mind, what led up to this and why and how,” said the suspect's aunt. “If you knew Tommy, you knew he was a good kid, nice person, he had a big heart, it’s just devastating you know.”


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Vanessa Bryant speaks on the deaths of Kobe and Gianna "'s impossible to imagine life without them. But we wake up each day, trying to keep pushing because Kobe, and our baby girl, Gigi, are shining on us to light the way."

Imagine how much more advanced society would be today if women, who comprise half the world’s brain power, were socially & intellectually enfranchised from the beginning of civilization.

Imagine niall looking at you with those eyes like your the only woman in the world I CAHNT BREAUTHEE #BeAFanDay 

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Imagine being president of a whole country and spending your Sunday night hate-watching MSNBC hoping somebody--ANYBODY--will praise you. Melania, please praise this man. He needs you.

May the election of Trump bring forth the fiercest, smartest, toughest generation of ass-kicking women this country could possibly imagine.

My life is strange imagine living in a dream world that u didn't dream

Imagine, in one hour we will be 3 years together! Thank you so much guys! Best 3 years ever! You've done all this

Happy st Patricks day everyone, especially all my fellow Irish out there! Many pints of guiness will be had today I can Imagine

The crowd fled at the sound of gunshots. Imagine the deaths if the shooter had a silencer, which the NRA wants to make easier to get.

Hey Tomi, Washington Post shithole bureau chief here. Love your foreign affairs reporting. Did you know there are 8.7 million Americans living overseas? Can’t imagine why they would leave home.