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Trump is 1st POTUS in decades not marking end of Ramadan with Iftar dinner celebrating end of the fast. 1st POTUS to host Iftar? Jefferson
It was a pleasure to celebrate Iftar and break the first Ramadan fast with Muslim members of our caucus last night.
New Yorkers held an interfaith iftar outside Trump Tower.
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“This is what real America looks like.”

Muslim groups held prayer and Iftar outside Trump Tower.
This is Kerala! Temple hosts iftar dinner for 400 Muslims. Muslims contribute to temple renovation. #inclusiveIndia
4 months
After the devastating fire in West London, people come together to break fast with iftar
Muslims, don't feel bad. Trump skipped the Passover Seder too #Iftar #Ramadan
As Eid al-Fitr ends Ramadan, Muslims want to know why Trump has time for golf but not to host an iftar dinner
Muslims, Jews and people of different religions gathered for Iftar outside Trump Tower.
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