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"I just don't know 10 players on the planet that are better than Russell Westbrook. ... If you are a franchise, and you're looking for a culture setter ... Russell Westbrook is actually one of the first five players you pick for that role." — @stephenasmith 

Kevin Durant, James Harden, Russell Westbrook How many rings does this trio get if they stayed together?👇👆

Like.... If Russell Westbrook could average a TRIPLE DOUBLE in this generation.... What do you think MJ would average...? In a no handchecking league. In a “flagrant foul” league. Man MJ wasn’t even wearing all that “body armor”. Straight TANKTOP

Jalen Rose says Giannis would be Russell Westbrook if he was 6’3 and Michael Jordan if he was 6’6 (🎥 @TheBallRealm )

Russell Westbrook doesn't care what anyone thinks of him. Even if what they think is good.

James Harden & Russell Westbrook in the latest @GQMagazine ! If OKC doesn't trade you in 2012, James, would y'all have a chip by now? Harden: Man, hell yeah! Westbrook: That's easy. Story: Photography: Sebastian Mader

In a recent GQ interview, James Harden and Russell Westbrook both agree the Thunder would have won a championship if Harden had not been traded to the Rockets

Since going 0-8 on Christmas, Russell Westbrook has taken 36 total 3s in 16 games. Not sure if I can remember him staying disciplined for that long from 3. Not coincidentally, in January he shot over 50% from the floor for a full month for only the second time in his career.

It's certainly interesting that Houston has nosedived at the same time Russell Westbrook is fitting in better than ever. I don't know what it means or if it's any deeper than an unrelated cold spell from everyone else, but it's interesting.


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Russell Westbrook's reaction shows his thoughts when asked if Steph is an underrated defender. (via @ESPNNBA )

?AVERAGING a triple-double ?LEADING league in scoring. ?MAKING #NBA  history. ?RT now if u want Russell Westbrook to start in ASG. #NBAVOTEVOTE 

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If the NBA wanted a new logo, it wouldn’t have to look any further than Russell Westbrook#BRmag 

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Russell Westbrook on the foul from Joel Embiid, and then asked if they are “cool.” (Warning: language):

LeBron asked to trade Russell Westbrook for Ben Simmons. Giannis: “What if you put Dwyane Wade in the trade?” ? #NBAAllStar 

You might think Russell Westbrook just stat-padded his way to back-to-back seasons averaging a triple-double. But if it were just as easy as that, he wouldn't have been the first guy in 60 years to average one, and the first ever to do it twice.

Russell Westbrook went off a bit on the idea he stat-pads rebounds: “If you don’t want it, I’m gonna get it. Simple as that.”

“If you don’t like Russell Westbrook as a player, you don’t like basketball.” Congrats on #42  , from the TNT crew.