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“We should not be tolerating this Tory govt in office at all.” SNP’s Westminster leader Ian Blackford says the party’s MPs have prepared a vote of no confidence in Boris Johnson to secure a General Election ahead of a second referendum on Brexit.

SNP's Ian Blackford tells Jeremy Corbyn and Jo Swinson to 'step out of the sandpit' and bring down Boris Johnson

Ian Blackford urges #SNP19  to reject “plan B” on independence and stick to route of legally binding referendum - to applause from hall. “Plan Bs are by definition second best” he says. Attempt to force debate on this issue is expected shortly...

Ian Blackford: Hold second Scottish independence referendum in 2020

The SNP's Ian Blackford warns opposition parties are "playing with fire" by failing to table a vote of no confidence in Boris Johnson – "a PM that may be prepared to drive us off a (Brexit) cliff edge, irrespective of what the law says"

Ian Blackford has appeared to suggest the SNP would only help Labour form a government in return for IndyRef2 support.

Yesterday @BorisJohnson  presented his Brexit proposals to MPs. Jeremy Corbyn and Ian Blackford react.

Boris Johnson's Cabinet mock Ian Blackford and burst into laughter at resignation demands

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"In true Trumpian style, the PM is acting more like a tinpot dictator than a democrat" The SNP's Ian Blackford accuses Boris Johnson of "robbing the people of power" by suspending Parliament before #Brexit  Latest:

"We will not be dragged out of the European Union against the wishes of the Scottish people." The SNP's Ian Blackford'>Westminster Leader Ian Blackford says "the people of Scotland deserve the right to have a say on their future and remain as a European country." #C4BrexitDebate 

"Not only is the member racist, he is stoking divisions in communities and has a record of dishonesty." The SNP's Ian Blackford'>Westminster Leader Ian Blackford says Boris Johnson is "not fit for office".

SNP's Ian Blackford welcomes "the last prime minister of the United Kingdom" to his new job, telling Boris Johnson he is "horrified" he has entered Downing Street "through such an undemocratic process" Live updates:

SNP's Ian Blackford accuses Conservatives of sharing "the extremes of Donald Trump and Nigel Farage", saying Tories "stayed silent" on "the hostile environment policy... racist go home vans... and racist columns written by (Boris Johnson)" #PMQs 

SNP's Ian Blackford calls Boris Johnson "racist", saying the Tory leadership frontrunner is "stoking division, and has a record of dishonesty" #PMQs  updates:

SNP's Ian Blackford says Boris Johnson "has made a career out of lying", saying Conservatives are faced with a choice between him and "the most incompetent health secretary in our history" as their next leader #PMQs 

👇 They actually said this… again! Tory MPs told Ian Blackford to go home, exposing what the Tories truly think of Scotland.

"Go back to Skye" says Nicholas Soames as Ian Blackford rises to speak in Commons .. time we all went back to Scotland tbh like any self-respecting country.

MPs backing People's Vote today: Ian Blackford Ben Bradshaw  Caroline Lucas Stella Creasy Luciana Berger Stephen Doughty Catherine Mackinell Madeleine Moon Kate Green Paul Farrelly Rupa Huq Anna McMorrin Andrew Slaughter  Tommy Shephard Ian Murray