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oreo ivs are coming to a sneaker boutique near you
"Oreo" IVs are coming to a sneaker boutique near you:
The Royal Family
tonight watch as the queen talks about her experience of travelling in the gold state coach for her majesty s
Tonight watch as The Queen talks about her experience of travelling in The Gold State Coach for Her Majesty's Coronation, in the new programme The #Coronation at 20:00 GMT.
The Coach has been used at every coronation since George IV’s in 1821.
The QI Elves
according to some historians the correct translation of ivan ivs nickname is not ivan the terrible but ivan th
According to some historians, the correct translation of Ivan IV’s nickname is not Ivan the Terrible, but Ivan the Awesome. The original word ‘grozny’ means ‘formidable, awe-inspiring’ and is not used as a negative epithet.
BBC History Magazine
within 80 days of edward ivs death richard had cast aside his loyalties to the yorkist dynasty deposing his yo
“Within 80 days of Edward IV’s death, Richard had cast aside his loyalties to the Yorkist dynasty, deposing his young nephew, Edward V, and acceding to the throne” #RichardIII
George Schroeder
dan mullen wearing a pair of new jordan ivs custom made for the gators he says
Dan Mullen wearing a pair of new Jordan IV’s.

“Custom-made for the Gators,” he says.
@NBA 11 months
lonnie walker ivs nbakicks for todays nbasummer game nbatv
Lonnie Walker IV’s #NBAKicks for today’s #NBASummer game.

Brian Altano
these custom game boy nike jordan ivs from freaker sneaks are so incredibly awesome and i want them so much bu
These custom Game Boy Nike Jordan IV’s from Freaker Sneaks are so incredibly awesome and I want them SO much but they’re $1,350 and there’s only 10 pairs in the world...

Maybe will let me buy them for an video? It’s... for research!

Ashley Paredez
stay hydrated heat index values across north texas will be between 105 110 degrees today medstar responded to
Heat index values across North Texas will be between 105-110 degrees today. MedStar responded to 21 heat-related illnesses yesterday. They have IV’s and ice packs ready in case someone needs help. @MedStarEMSInfo @FOX4 @GoodDayFox4
@Fact 5 years
hangover heaven is a company in las vegas that will come cure your hangover with ivs and vitamins
Hangover Heaven is a company in Las Vegas that will come cure your hangover with IV’s and vitamins.
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