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Adam Schiff
trump finally submitted a budget a month late let s take a look shall we 8 billion for a wall congress rejecte
Trump finally submitted a budget (a month late). Let's take a look, shall we?

$8 billion for a wall Congress rejected.
$840 billion in cuts to Medicare.
Trillion dollar deficits for the next four years.

You know what, Mr. President, keep your budget. We’ll take it from here.
Niall Horan
so this is it where we are tour is finally here never been more ready can t wait
So this is it ! 'Where we are' tour is finally here! never been more ready! Can't wait
MYX Philippines
armys its finally here dont miss s brand new music video boy with luv feat within pop myx tonight at 9pm
🚨 ARMYs, it’s finally here. 🚨

Don’t miss @BTS_twt’s brand new music video “Boy With Luv” feat. @halsey within POP MYX tonight at 9pm! 😱😱😱


📸: @sonymusicph
Justin Bieber
it s finally here bring the family and have fun merry christmas believemovie thanks
It's finally here. Bring the family and have fun. Merry Christmas. #believemovie thanks
Chuck Schumer
it s been one week since i challenged mcconnell to finally agree to 3 principles 1 climate change is real 2 it
It's been one week since I challenged @SenateMajLdr McConnell to finally agree to 3 principles:

1. Climate change is real
2. It's caused by humans
3. Congress needs to act

I still haven't heard anything from him. But here's what happened this week in GOP climate denial instead:
BBC Radio 1
it s finally time we are so excited to show you what has been up to watch adele meet the amazing here see ade

#BTSARMY, we are SO excited to show you what has been up to! ❤️

Watch Adele meet the amazing here 👉

See Adele explore t K-Pop phenomenon on here 👉 #BTSonBBCR1
Calum Hood
our album is finally out in the us canada and mexico luke says you can get it here
OUR ALBUM is finally out in the US, Canada and Mexico!!! Luke says you can get it here:
Marco Rubio
growing body of video amp photographic evidence of the crimes committed yesterday by in here is one example th
Growing body of video & photographic evidence of the crimes committed yesterday by #MaduroCrimeFamily in #Venezuela.
Here is one example. They open fire on cargo truck they are chasing. The finally corner it & execute the driver.

Watch Here: via @YouTube
Rachel Maddow MSNBC
the unwinding of the initial backward spin on this story is finally making it clear what happened wapo headlin
The unwinding of the initial backward spin on this story is (finally) making it clear what happened.

WaPo headline here is long, but gets it:

"Ethics officials said Whitaker should recuse from the Mueller probe, but his advisers told him not to"
Pattie Mallette
so excited new teen edition of my book finally available buy it here now nowherebutupteen nbu4teens
So excited!! New teen edition of my book finally available! Buy it here now.. #NoWhereButUpTeen @NBU4Teens
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