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How a place of excitement and fun turned into a war zone with such a high powered weapon is insane. Senseless violence needs to stop now
... but MY POINT IS. it is an insane and surreal and beautiful feeling. thank u for making my dreams come true everyday. 💞🦋💞
5 years , literally sittin down talking about last night. Insane! I remember the day we were out together like it was yesterday!
6 years !!?? That's insane, every single person that's supported me through this crazy but amazing journey I can never thank you enough!
Wowwww ! The reaction to drag me down worldwide has been insane , didn't expect this ! Thank you all so much
Happy birthday to my little nephew theo who's 2 today! Insane how quick time is flying by!
Clutch steal ✔️
Clutch dunk ✔️
Clutch block ✔️

The Greek Freak is insane.
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#1 thank you so much ! Really means a lot to us ... Insane reaction to this song! Much appreciated
INSANE for the president talking about PR's debts to "Wall Street" while 60% of ppl have *no safe drinking water*!!!
everyone: why were you late

me: wow traffic was insane I am literally so sorry

also me:
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