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everyone: why were you late

me: wow traffic was insane I am literally so sorry

also me:
5 years , literally sittin down talking about last night. Insane! I remember the day we were out together like it was yesterday!
6 years !!?? That's insane, every single person that's supported me through this crazy but amazing journey I can never thank you enough!
Wowwww ! The reaction to drag me down worldwide has been insane , didn't expect this ! Thank you all so much
Happy birthday to my little nephew theo who's 2 today! Insane how quick time is flying by!
It was a joke I have no team buying money are you insane
#1 thank you so much ! Really means a lot to us ... Insane reaction to this song! Much appreciated
Lol this is so insane the more I read I'm like wtf have u ever said something in the wrong way I'm sure every person here has lol
The atmosphere out there is insane .. We are sitting backstage waiting to get out there... Can't wait #PremiosTelehit
Holy shit, first of all that stadium is just ridiculously big and second the crowd was insane, really liking SA bigtime !
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