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Inbox: Camping ban enforcement will resume tonight in Denver.

Inbox: How will the Braves fill Donaldson void?

Going through my inbox and now considering changing my name to "XX" because of how many "dear XX" emails I got in the past week. In all serious though: can we please stop using mailmerge?

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In this episode of The President’s Inbox, @stevenacook , Philip H. Gordon, and Ray Takeyh join host @JamesMLindsay  to discuss the killing of Iran's Major General Qasem Soleimani and its consequences for the Middle East.

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Inbox: US Supreme Court to hear faithless elector case in Colorado. This deals with presidential electors and whether they can vote for whomever they want or if they are bound by the actual result. More info here:


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INBOX: FBI Agents Association calls on Congress to make "domestic terrorism" a federal crime.

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Man. Sure does suck to have your entire inbox accessed without your consent.

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