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In response to the COVID-19 crisis, the R.I DMV announced Monday, a 90-day grace period for driver’s licenses, permits, IDs, and vehicle registrations due to expire in March and April.

East Lansing police: 'You know it’s bad when we miss getting called to the bars to check fake IDs’

Johnson & IDs'>Johnson IDs vaccine candidate, 2 backups for coronavirus

Developer-Discovery of the day: Github supports autolink templates in issues so it can create automatic links to your Jira instance based on ticket-ids 😳

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CBP officers in Memphis seized nearly 2,000 fake IDs over the past week. The shipments originated in China and were destined for addresses across the United States. You may have no interest in China, but they are clearly at war with US Via @CBPGulfCoast :

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Getting pushback from Republicans on this tweet. Understandable. Ok, if you're so into IDs, then how about closing the gun-show loophole my Republican friends? Why is it when it comes to guns any talk of IDs, background checks, restrictions to felons, etc. is a "slippery slope"?

#4ThingstoSmileAbout : These parents wanted their son to have a 21st birthday he would never forget, so they opened "Club Quarantine" in their garage, with dad outside checking IDs and mom playing the bartender! Tune in t #TODAYinLA  next weekend for more smile @NBCLA 

Tragedy in southeastern Indiana: 5 juveniles and 1 adult found dead inside home destroyed by fire early Saturday. No IDs yet, cause remains under investigation. My heart and prayers go out to them all, this is just absolutely heartbreaking

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The DPS says they still plan to begin issuing REAL IDs at the end of April.


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Could someone explain to me why this wasn’t a 9-0 decision? Why on earth would you not be allowed to prosecute people for stealing IDs?

IDs'>Pentagon IDs the 2 soldiers who died from wounds sustained in the attack on US servicemembers in Nangarhar province of Afghanistan the day before: SFC Javier Jaguar Gutierrez, 28, of San Antonio, Texas. SFC Antonio Rey Rodriguez, 28, of Las Cruces, New Mexico.

Sign the petition to stop IDS getting a knighthood. This ghoul has condemned tens of thousands of people to avoidable death, and millions to misery. Please RT...

North Dakota tribes need $100K to get tribal IDs to voters, after ND Republicans attempt to disenfranchise them. Daily Kos is raising the money for the effort, and WOAH within the first few minutes we're already at $34,000! Let's finish strong:

She would make the most incredible, inspiring MP. Imagine if she defeated Iain Duncan Smith. Just imagine. Everyone who retweets this will make IDS that little more scared. You know what to do.

West Bengal SHOCKER! Hindus stopped from casting vote in Muslim-dominated village; voter IDs snatched | #May23WithTimesNow  | Click here:

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Ana and Mimi were in line to buy groceries when a Border Patrol agent behind them demanded to see ID’s. Their supposed offense? Speaking Spanish in Montana.

Truly sickening to see IDS waving his arms in triumph over having successfully deprived himself and the rest of parliament of any say in the event the Government comes back with no deal - very odd way of taking back control

America. 2017. Now we have to show IDs to board and get off? To gate agents then ICE officers? Just want to be clear (at least for today).