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What sends Jazz running and hiding from the cameras? Get an exclusive #IAmJazz  sneak peek:

“Keep manifesting positivity!" Sander urged his sister Jazz. 💕 #IAmJazz 

@JazzJennings__  has released a dramatic trailer for the sixth season of #IAmJazz .

And the #IAmJazz  star clapped back at haters who claimed she only got in because of her TV show. ?

He may have love for Jazz, but #IAmJazz  was bad for his mental health.

Bombshell first interview! #IAm Jazz star Jazz Jennings' boyfriend tells all on depression battle.

Watch #IAmJazz  star @JazzJennings__  challenge her boyfriend's mom in one heated confrontation


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"Being transgender goes beyond the medical process," said @JazzJennings__ . "It’s about your identity." @TLC  #IAmJazz 

? HAPPENING NOW: @HRC  is in Madison, Wisconsin for National #IAmJazz  School and Community Readings. Watch live →

Tonight is part 1 of a 2-night premiere of season 3 of #IAmJazz . Don't miss @HRC  Youth Ambassador@JazzJennings__  tonight on @TLC  at 10 pm!

Reading #IAmJazz  on the House floor. No one should ever be shamed or apologize for being true to themselves. #LGBT 

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In a sneak peak for @TLC 's #IAmJazz , @JazzJennings__  has a secret admirer!

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@JazzJennings__  discusses relationship with boys as transgender teen girl on @TLC 's #IAmJazz 

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#IAmJazz U don't have to try harder or worry as u being u is the inspiration & what other young people will look up to. Keep being u. Jb

Loving #IAmJazz  great family and an eye opener for everyone. Get a better understanding for Transgender teens / a breath of fresh:) Jb