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It’s been more than one month since Hurricane Maria, but the lights of Puerto Rico are still out, & American citizens are still suffering.
Death count in Puerto Rico due to Maria has quadrupled since @POTUS gave himself a big thumbs up for holding down hurricane fatalities.
Four weeks after Hurricane Maria:
→Only 19% of Puerto Rico has power
→70% have clean drinking water

We can't forget about them.
My thoughts are with the people of Puerto Rico recovering from Hurricane Maria's devastation. We must do everything we can to help rebuild.
President Trump throws paper towels into the crowd at a Hurricane Maria relief event in Puerto Rico
Harrowing drone footage shows a neighborhood of San Juan, Puerto Rico, in aftermath of Hurricane Maria. "Ghost town covered in sewage water"
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I am deeply disturbed by the inadequate federal response to the devastation caused by Hurricane Maria.
Trump spent his visit to Puerto Rico in a wealthy area largely spared from Maria's devastation.

What he failed to see? The actual horrors the hurricane left behind.

This is what he missed:
Puerto Ricans are American citizens — so why isn't the U.S. doing more to help in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria?
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In Puerto Rico:
•26% of people have no drinking water
•77% have no power
It’s been 33 days since Hurricane Maria struck.
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