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As we near the two year anniversary of Hurricane Maria, there is new hope to prevent further disasters: youth activism. #HurricaneMaria  #YouthClimateAction 

This sexy beach read uses popular fiction to shed light on Puerto Rico’s post-Hurricane Maria plight.

Puerto Rico's 1000-foot Arecibo radio telescope weathered Hurricane Maria, briefly transformed into a relief center, and is now getting much-needed funds to repair & upgrade the legendary facility.

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Hurricane Maria destroyed 85% of coffee farm harvests when it ravaged the island in 2017, Puerto Rico’s secretary of agriculture says. Farmers, nonprofits, and companies are stepping up to rescue the industry.

Climate change and colonialism don’t typically make for a sexy beach read, but "Side Chick Nation," attempts to do just that — weaving action and romance into the vivid backdrop of Puerto Rico’s stilting recovery from Hurricane Maria.

"The winds of Hurricane Maria lifted not only buildings, but also the last of the wool from our eyes."

Hurricane Maria hit the production of "Driven" hard, but it hit the people of Puerto Rico even harder. How the team behind the film kept locals employed in the wake of the devastating storm:

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After seeing how we handled Hurricane in Maria in Puerto Rico, who on Earth would want to become a non-state US territory?

Climate change and colonialism don’t typically make for a sexy beach read, but "Side Chick Nation" attempts to do just that — weaving action and romance into the vivid backdrop of Puerto Rico’s recovery from Hurricane Maria.


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“When Trump visited the island territory last October, OFFICIALS told him in a briefing 16 PEOPLE had died from Maria.” The Washington Post. This was long AFTER the hurricane took place. Over many months it went to 64 PEOPLE. Then, like magic, “3000 PEOPLE KILLED.” They hired....

BREAKING: Pres. Trump rejects independent study that reports an estimated 2,975 people died in Puerto Rico in 5 months after Hurricane Maria; provides no evidence to discount the study; declares, without evidence, that the higher death toll is political ploy to make him look bad.

No, – the Hurricane Maria response was NOT an "incredible unsung success.” Nearly 3,000 US citizens in Puerto Rico died. I've spent a year pushing your Administration on its many failures there. You need to face reality and do your job.

In the year since Hurricane Maria’s destruction, Mavel has been a force for hope in her community in Puerto Rico, expecting nothing in return. #WishesDelivered  ✨✨

#FakeNews - The Hurricane Maria death tolls have been inflated & President was right to call out organizations who threw out science and statistics to try to discredit his administration. #MAGA  #TrumpTrain  #Dobbs 

Hurricane Katrina killed 1,833 people. September 11th killed 2,977 people. Hurricane Maria killed 4,645 people. Don’t forget Puerto Rico.

We are the wealthiest country in the history of the world. How is it possible that 2 months after Hurricane Maria half the people of Puerto Rico don't have electricity?

This is an offensive, hurtful and blatantly false comment from the president. Nearly 3,000 of our fellow citizens died in Puerto Rico following Hurricane Maria. That is the complete opposite of “success.”

The Puerto Rican government just updated the official death count for Hurricane Maria from 64 to 2,975 people. and his Administration utterly failed in their response, and US citizens died. That's the appalling, tragic reality.

Death count in Puerto Rico due to Maria has quadrupled since @POTUS  gave himself a big thumbs up for holding down hurricane fatalities.