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Jake Tapper
from un office for the coordination of humanitarian affairs
Senator Ted Cruz
a sad state of affairs when a president has time to attend fundraisers in texas but not to address his admin s
A sad state of affairs when a President has time to attend fundraisers in Texas but not to address his Admin's humanitarian crisis on border
Senator Rubio Press
productive meeting w assistant secretary of state for w hemisphere affairs kimberly breier the us continues to
Productive meeting w/ Assistant Secretary of State for W. Hemisphere Affairs Kimberly Breier ().The U.S. continues to support the Venezuelan people's efforts to restore democracy, constitutional order, & stands ready to offer them humanitarian aid & other assistance.
Turkish MFA
we remember with respect our martyr evner ergun deputy director of the united nations centre for social develo
We remember with respect our martyr Evner Ergun, Deputy Director of the United Nations Centre for Social Development and Humanitarian Affairs, assassinated by ARA (Armenian Revolutionary Army) terrorist organization in Vienna on 19.11.1984. #diplomats
David Lipson
a spokesperson for indonesia s foreign affairs ministry has told abc re medevac bill and xmas island providing
A spokesperson for Indonesia's Foreign Affairs Ministry has told ABC (re medevac bill and Xmas Island): "Providing health care, especially to those who are gravely ill, is a humanitarian responsibility that must be given to anyone, regardless of their background."
Luis Almagro
attended meetings of the general committee on political affairs and security and general committee on democrac
Attended meetings of the General Committee on Political Affairs and Security; and General Committee on Democracy Human Rights and Humanitarian Questions of @oscepa that delivered important definitions on challenges of Democracy and patterns of conflict.
The Spectator Index
breaking 20 million at risk of starvation in somalia kenya yemen and south sudan according to head of un human
BREAKING: 20 million at risk of starvation in Somalia, Kenya, Yemen and South Sudan according to head of UN humanitarian affairs
NBC Nightly News wit
just in un humanitarian affairs official 20000000 people in yemen south sudan somalia and kenya face starvatio
JUST IN: UN humanitarian affairs official: 20,000,000+ people in Yemen, South Sudan, Somalia and Kenya face starvation and famine.
CBC News Alerts
canada is donating another 467 million to help ease the humanitarian crisis in yemen a global affairs statemen
Canada is donating another $46.7 million to help ease the humanitarian crisis in Yemen, a Global Affairs statement says. The announcement comes as the United Nations pleads for $4.2 billion for Yemen aid -- its biggest-ever request for a single country.
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