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Here's our report on the landmark ruling by Canada's Supreme Court, allowing Canadian mining companies to be held accountable in Canada for alleged human-rights abuses in their overseas operations:

In Sweden, one of many countries experiencing this new chill, things have gotten so nasty that three major parties have demanded the expulsion of the Chinese ambassador to Stockholm, citing his threats to Swedish officials, media and human-rights groups.

A human-rights lawsuit against a Canadian mining company can be heard in British Columbia, even though it involves events in Africa, the Supreme Court of Canada says.

“The whole city knew that riots were impending,’’ said Harsh Mander, a human-rights activist who is pressing the courts to investigate the ringleaders. “Why didn’t the police act?” The latest from @gettleman 

@DKUNmisgva  has donated $1.9M to support our Office’s #humanrights  work. You can donate too:

December 10, 1948 – Universal Declaration of Human Rights adopted. #HumanRightsDay  #HumanRights 

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Inform and form your own decisions c drolland56 #humanrights  #news 

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A new @hrw  report shows that #XiJinping 's China is no longer content to stifle criticism of its own rights abuses, reports Aryeh Neier; it is now waging war on the entire international human-rights system.

The Chinese government is using technology to commit massive human-rights abuses against the Uighur people, the largest Muslim group in the country. The police state it has created is like no other

Cicilline: “The idea of Donald Trump leading an anti-corruption effort is like Kim Jong Un leading a human-rights effort. It’s just not credible.”

From @WSJopinion : The Global Magnitsky Act provides a framework for the U.S. to impose sanctions on the Chinese human-rights offenders in Xinjiang, writes @Jardine_bradley 

Human-rights abuse accusations by Chile security forces proliferate during weeks of anti-government unrest

“Ever get the feeling you’ve been had?” The end today saw a team owned by a member of the royal family of a human-rights abusing regime, all outfitted in jerseys showcasing one of their companies, lifting a trophy sponsored by that company. What is this?

People & organizations who are issuing statements saying 'Hamas is to blame' for Israel killing Palestinian protesters, including kids, & who say nothing critical about Israel should never be taken seriously on any international issue again. Especially any human-rights issue.