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Prince Harry says Donald Trump is not welcome at his wedding: ‘Trump is a serious threat to human rights’
Just seeing the news about removing laws protecting trans people. This isn’t about politics. It’s about human rights, and it’s not okay.
transgender people are NOT burdens. they are valued human beings who deserve the same treatment, rights and opportunities as everyone else.
Beyond humbled to receive the Eason Monroe Courageous Advocate Award from the ACLU.

We all have an obligation no matter the risk, & regardless of reward, to stand up for our fellow men & women who are being oppressed with the understanding that human rights cannot be comprised.
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Let us all work together to promote peace among peoples and guarantee respect for human rights.
Happy #Pride2017 to everyone in NYC & across the globe. Never forget that LGBT rights are human rights & human rights are LGBT rights.
Can’t travel to Cuba because human rights but here’s a $100 billion arms sale to Saudi Arabia, global champion of freedom.
.@POTUS in #Danang & no mention of human rights - Sad
All human beings are born free & equal in dignity & rights. On record #HumanRightsDayyour #RightsOutLoud
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The Universal Declaration of Human Rights establishes the equal dignity & worth of every person. on #StandUp4HumanRightsSunday's & e#HumanRightsDayvery day
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