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“They have basically declared free expression in #Israel  does not include mainstream advocacy for Palestinian rights. This issue is much larger than one person or one organisation or even human rights advocacy at large". @hrw 

Opinion: Why we should turn climate change into a human rights issue

Pollution is often discussed as an environmental issue and ignored in the conversation about health and human rights. @guardian  #globalhealth  #healthisahumanright 

In a clear violation of human rights, it takes @USCIS  7 months to issue a one year travel document which you cannot apply for before it expires. How stupid & oppressive is that? @UNRefugeeAgency  @Refugees 

#UN Secretary General #AntonioGuterres  reiterated his appeal that #India  and #Pakistan  deal with the #Kashmir  issue through dialogue and ensure full respect for human rights

IT Ministry sought response from WhatsApp on the issue of an Israeli spyware that was allegedly used to target Indian journalists and human rights activists #spying  #WhatsApp  #SocialMedia 

Amid the growing storm over spyware on WhatsApp being used against journalists and human rights activists in India, the govt has sought a detailed explanation from the Facebook-owned messaging platform on the issue. #WhatsAppSpywareRow 

#NewsAlert – IT Ministry has sought a detailed response from WhatsApp on the issue of Israeli spyware that was allegedly used to target Indian journalists & human rights activists through its platform. | @maryashakil  with details.

Also worth noting: Malinowski was a leading critic of the Bush administration’s interrogation policies — memorialized in Yoo’s “torture memo” — as executive director of Human Rights Watch and worked closely with John McCain on that issue.

No need to invite people from outside India to look into Kashmir issue: @JohnDayal , Human Rights Activist tells Navika Kumar on @thenewshour . | #IndiaFirstAlways 


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This is a video of Diana Sanchez receiving an “absorbent pad” that looks like a napkin after her water broke in her jail cell. She was then forced go through hours of labor alone. No help. No doctor. No anything. This is an issue of human rights.

Raise your hand if you agree! Catholic Bishop: Fighting Abortion is the “Most Important Human Rights Issue of Our Time”

I wrote about the courageous Yemeni human rights defender , who is documenting the terrible human cost of U.S. support for Saudi Arabia's war, for 's issue. #TIME100 

A humane society should be able to limit abortion while protecting mothers in dangerous circumstances. Abortion should not be a political issue, used to demonize. Yes, American women have rights. But so, too, do developing cells that will shortly become human beings.

By removing the signature of the United States from the Arms Trade Treaty, Trump joins the ranks of Russia, North Korea & Syria and again retreats from US leadership on an issue of national security and human rights - this time to placate the greed and self-interest of the .

'I believe that men in Iceland are increasingly recognizing that gender equality is a global human rights issue..'

Who provides the Saudi regime with the most weapons used to create the worst humanitarian disaster on the planet, in Yemen, and suppress its own citizens? The 2 countries that most love to issue sanctimonious lectures about freedom & human rights

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Protecting those who work to defend the environment is a human rights issue via @guardian : #WorldEnvironmentDay 

I hope Americans are as insistent on the return of the 2300 kids separated from their parents as they have been against the policy of separation itself! This is truly a human rights issue.

The "adoption" issue is actually 'US sanctions against Russian human rights abusers causing Putin to halt US adoptions of Russian orphans'