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#EXO shares new hawt concept promo videos and images of #Kai  teasing the hugely awaited release of their comeback album #Obsession  on November 27!🕺🎥📸✨🌟🔥👑 @weareoneEXO  @exoonearewe  #EXOoneareweo #EXODEUX #ObsessedWithKAIearewe  DEUX

According to the NYT, if Warren's wealth tax had been in effect since 1982, Jeff Bezos would have $46.8 billion instead of $160 B last year. Instead of $97 B, Bill Gates would have $13.9. That's hugely significant, and still way more than anyone "deserves." Tax the fuckers.

1/2 I never met James Le Mesurier. I hugely admired his humanitarian work, espec in rescue efforts for victims of Assad’s barbarism, and was in contact with him. He reached out to me when my newspaper exposed the UK-based denialists of these war crimes.

No.10 will think this really could be game over for @jeremycorbyn  now. Humiliating for @Nigel_Farage  . But by standing candidates in Labour seats and not Tory ones, @brexitparty_uk  hugely boosts @BorisJohnson 

Understanding how paralysis affects your sexual experience – both in terms of pleasure and fertility – is a hugely important concern after a spinal cord injury. #TodaysCare 

The yuan is not even close to competing with the dollar for at least six reasons. Meanwhile, Chinese growth is hugely overstated and its massive debt problem little understood.

This might not be hugely helpful to Tory candidates in Labour-held seats where Brexit Party is still standing. However, if you are a Leaver in those Labour-held seats Farage has just told you it is ok to vote for Johnson's Brexit after all

If you get the chance to hire a veteran, don’t mess up what can be a hugely rewarding engagement by saying something distasteful—or downright stupid. @SBAgov  @VeteranOwned  #VetBiz  #VeteransDay 

Google Photos is Google's best service, and it's hugely important for both iPhone and Android users — here's why you should be using it

2019 turned into a hugely satisfying year for Barry Heffernan, who made a huge impact as @TipperaryGAA  secured All Ireland glory at @CrokePark  #GAA 


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Tomorrow takes us behind the scenes with the hugely popular Korean pop group as they prepare to launch a world tour BTS' music mixes hip-hop & R&B, and is punctuated on stage by elaborate choreography. Here they are behind the scenes

Happy Birthday to #EXO 's very handsome and hugely talented #SEHUN ! #HappySehunDay ! ❤️ 🎤🎂🎉🎁🎈🎇🌟

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MORE: Since their first album in 2013, has become a worldwide phenomenon, playing to sold-out stadiums with legions of screaming fans who follow their every move on- and off-stage Tomorrow goes behind the scenes of the hugely popular Korean pop group

I am hugely sad and it kills me to write this, I will miss Geordie shore with all of my heart, it was my life and I ❤️ you all so much

#EXO ’ #Baekhyun  Shares concept Vide #DayAndNight  And New Teaser Pics Of His Hugely#CityLights '>Awaited Debut Solo Mini Albu #CityLights  coming out July 10 at 6pm (KST)!👨‍🎤🎞️📸💿🔟🔥🌟 @weareoneEXO 

I saw focus groups of Trump voters in 2016. They thought the fact he was a hugely successful businessman would make him a successful president. The fact he was a loser in business will hurt him. And that is why he’s kept his taxes secret.

@Dynamomagician thanks very much mate for last night I have no idea how you did it all I'm hugely confused

Congrats @5sos  ! From what I've heard! A hugely successful trip to Europe this week! great t see huge crowds comin to see the lads!