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Young #scientists  from Huawei’s Mathematical and Algorithm Science Lab tell their moms why they love working at #Huawei . Being able to turn #ideas  into #innovations  is just one reason. Watch the video to find out the others. #WhoAreWe 

Huawei Watch GT 2 review: Highly capable GPS sports watch with advanced sleep tracking by @palmsolo 

Who is Huawei? Here's the inside story of #Huawei  Founder & CEO #RenZhengfei . It's a 30-year journey marked with many milestones and culminating in the company’s transformation into a global tech leader. Watch the video to learn more.

Following 20 successful years in Europe, how will #Huawei  help drive the new wave of #innovation  “In Europe, For Europe”? Watch Huawei Chief Representative to European Institutions Abraham Liu give his views at #Huawei  #InnovationDay  in Paris. @antgrasso  #HuaweiHIDH #HuaweiNowID Now

#Huawei employees work hard, so we make sure they have access to the fuel they need to maintain their #energy  levels throughout the day. Watch the video for a glimpse into Huawei’s #coffee  culture. #HuaweiNowN #HuaweiLife #HuaweiDiscoveryw  Life Discovery

What to watch today: Dow enters week on high, White House to issue Huawei reprieve

WATCH: Do you know the story of #Huawei ? Discover more about the early years of Huawei - what CEO Ren Zhengfei has built, began as a mere start-up.👇 #5GisOn  @Huaweiuk  @Huawei 

Huawei pushes boundaries with Mate 30 Pro and Watch GT2

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The HUAWEI WATCH GT 2 adds a digital makeover to the traditional watch #HuaweiWatchGT2  #Huawei  @HuaweiZAF  @HuaweiZA  @HuaweiMobile 

The HUAWEI WATCH GT 2 adds a digital makeover to the traditional watch #HuaweiWatchGT2  #Huawei  @HuaweiZAF  @HuaweiZA  @HuaweiMobile 


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Huawei’s committed to collaborating with Europe to build an intelligent world. We have so much in store for partners in this region. Watch the #HuaweiHID  livestream on YouTube to learn about the initiatives: #InnovationDay 

Huawei Deputy Chairman Ken Hu explains progress with 5G & how we can overcome 3 major challenges to unleashing its immense potential. Read more at #HuaweiBlog , and watch the keynote here ➡️ #HWMBBF  #5GGearUp  #HuaweiNow 

When you work, fight and spend so much time together, you become like #family . This is how Principal Engineer Ye Dwe feels about his team at Huawei Myanmar. Watch his story. #HuaweiLife  #WhoAreWe 

Huawei ICT Academy fosters talents by introducing them to new technologies, #hoping  it leads to #future  employment #opportunities . #Huawei  ICT Competition 2018-19 involved 100,000 students worldwide — watch the highlights of the Global Final: Now #HuaweiNow 

Meet the creator of the 3D live maker, an #AR  application on Huawei’s #Mate20Pro  – Iwamoto Naoya. What’s life like for this senior researcher? Watch and find out. #WhoAreWe  #innovation 

The indictments against Huawei show that America will not passively watch as our national security & economic interests are put at risk by foreign companies. We will not stand for China challenging and taking advantage of our American system.

Here’s how Huawei is leading the next generation of telecom tech with #5G , #AI  and #CloudComputing . Watch the video to learn more: #MWC19 

AI is so much more than just two words, thanks to #AI  developers. Watch this inspiring video to learn how Huawei’s AI development platform, #ModelArts , can inspire people of all ages to activate intelligence:

Huawei shoots and scores. Watch how our 5G E2E Network offers a panoramic view of the power of eMBB. #MWC18