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Anybody who watched all of Ted Cruz's far too long, rambling, overly flamboyant speech last nite would say that was his Howard Dean moment!
The choice of Keith Ellison v. Howard Dean as DNC Chair is such a perfect test of whether Dems learned anything
Hillary's speech cut short by rain. The people are spared. Her screaming makes Howard Dean sound like Mr. Rogers.
Howard Dean: Trump needs psychiatric help
.@CNN Howard Dean's campaign stalled when he yelled weirdly. And now? You're helping to normalize hatred of Jews
Howard Dean: GOP ‘taking money from people on Medicaid’ who voted for Trump and ‘giving it to CEOs’
To Howard Dean,
I saw American Sniper and would not consider myself to be an angry person. You certainly have a rig…
Remember when Howard Dean said the name of a state w an energetic lilt & had to drop out of the race?
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