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I hope y'all truly listening to what he's saying. Giving the game and blueprint once again for damn near free! This is a testimony.4:44 #Hov
Hov's new album was illegally downloaded almost a million times in three days—and it still went platinum
hov rapped “nigga what, nigga who” over drizzy's “know yourself” beat in toronto 😩😩😩
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Hov speaks on Meek at his Dallas show
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Let Hov bless you with this word this morning
10 months
Words from Hov. #444 #TIDALXSprint
Obama congratulates Hov for being inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame
I performed w/ Hov last night, won a #VMA today for the most honest song I ever done w/ my idol. Man I'm so inspired...
Happy birthday to my brother Hov!!
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