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The Yemeni Army killed 18 Houthis and wounded 27 in clashes with the Iranian-backed militia in Saada, state news agency SPA reported on Saturday

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Nine Houthis killed in attack against Yemeni govt forces

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#Yemen's #Houthis  Accused of Abducting 120 Civilians in Dhamar

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The U.S., Israel, UK and others accused Iran and the Houthis of being behind attacks on a Saudi airport and oil installations earlier this year

@pressfreedom 's prison census "accounts only for journalists in government custody and does not include those who have disappeared or are held captive by non-state actors." This includes #Yemen , where the Houthis continue holding journalists:

Saudis' release of Houthis met with both hope, skepticism

#Yemen : At least 10 journalists are facing trial in a Houthi-run State Security Court in Sanaa. CPJ reiterates its call for the Houthis to immediately release journalists in their custody and investigate reports of their continuing torture and mistreatment.

Media today: #US  #France  #UK  #Germany  #Canada  & more countries supply #SaudiArabia  genocidal war on #Yemen . When #Iran  supplies Houthis with arms, it is a BIG STORY. What about stopping the war? US Navy seizes suspected Iranian missile parts set for Yemen

1- Reports of #Saudi  #Qatar  rapprochement prove that #Qatar  holding out has worked & it may get even more returns from the #Saudiss  if it waits a little longer. Th #floridashooting  #US  #IRAN  prisoners swap, Brian Hook finally admitting Ansarrulah (Houthis) ar #Yemenis 


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1/ Okay, in a few tweets I'm going to try to explain what's going on in Yemen today, so you have some knowledge to counter this claim that America needs to bomb Iran because the Houthis bombed Saudi Arabia. It's complicated, but now you need to know.

10/ Over time, a dangerous game of escalating behavior has developed. Saudis kill a bunch of Houthi civilians, then the Houthis launch an attack in Saudi Arabia. The latest attack on the Saudi refinery follows a Saudi attack on Dhamar prison which killed 100 people.

11/ Bottom line: the Saudis sowed the seeds of this mess. They marginalized the Houthis in the 80s and thru the 2000s wars. They bungled the prosecution of the post 2015 conflict. Houthis/Iranians have blood on their hands too, but the U.S. should not be a part of this disaster.

8/ The cholera outbreak (the result of water treatment plants being destroyed) is the worst in recorded world history. Houthis refuse to let food & medicine reach contested areas. Saudis drop bombs on hospitals and school buses. Bottom line - it's the ugliest war on the planet.

And yesterday’s attack on a civilian airport in #SaudiArabia  by the Houthis using cruise missiles supplied by #IRGC  should be blamed on #Iran  as well.

2- The Houthis are an indivisible part of #Iran  ’s Revolutionary Guard Corps#IRGC () and subject to the IRGC’s orders. This is confirmed by the #Houthis  targeting facilities in the Kingdom

VIDEO: Huge crowd in Yemen's capital, held by pro-Iran Houthis, chants "we won't bow" as Saudi jets circle overhead

ALI ABDULLAH SALEH - First president of Yemen - President for 34 years - Survived assassination attempt in 2011 - Allied with pro-Iran Houthi forces against internationally recognised government in 2014 - Turned against Houthis three days ago - Killed today by Houthi forces

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Obama sends billions to Iran. Iran sends aid to Houthis in Yemen. Houthis fire missiles at US Navy ship. Does this make any sense?