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Saudi-Houthi “talks have surfaced despite the Houthis being in charge of the capital Sanaa and the other most populous parts in Northern Yemen, which indicates that the Saudis are coming to terms with this status quo.”

▶️ Thousands of Yemenis and Houthi supporters gather in Sana'a to mark Prophet Mohammad's birthday, Saturday, November 9. 👉 The Houthi movement celebrates religious events in huge numbers in order to show the amount of support they receive from Yemenis. (Reuters)

"Houthi militias have wreaked havoc on the country, but they are a part of Yemeni society and they will have a role in its future."

“Even if the southern power-sharing deal holds and the Houthi'>Saudi-Houthi de-escalation process stays on track, the road to durable peace in Yemen will be long and circuitous.”

Houthi rebels will have role in Yemen's future, says UAE

The #UAE , through its humanitarian arm the Emirates Red Crescent, ERC, has provided urgent food and medical aid to the families affected by the Houthi shelling in the city of Al Mocha in Yemen.

Israa Waheeb has not seen her fiance Samed al-Ameri since July 15, 2016 — four days after they got engaged and when he was detained by Houthi rebels in southern Yemen by @Naseh_Shaker 

Yemen's U.N.-recognized government and southern separatists signed a Saudi-brokered power-sharing deal, ending months of conflict. This agreement does not include the Houthi rebels which have been in armed conflict with the government for years. #WarinYemen  #SaudiArabia  #Yemen 

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THREAD It has been four years since a Saudi-led coalition launched a military campaign against Yemen’s Houthi rebels. ⚠️ 60,000 dead ⚠️ 3.3 million displaced ⚠️ 85,000 children under five dead from starvation

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The world's largest oil processing facility has been hit in a drone attack. Yemen's Houthi rebels have said they were behind the strikes on Saudi Arabia's Abqaiq plant. Read the full story here:

10/ Over time, a dangerous game of escalating behavior has developed. Saudis kill a bunch of Houthi civilians, then the Houthis launch an attack in Saudi Arabia. The latest attack on the Saudi refinery follows a Saudi attack on Dhamar prison which killed 100 people.

6/ Over the course of these wars, the Houthi military capabilities grew, and by 2010 they were the most battle tested army in Yemen. In 2015 they successfully marched on the Yemeni capital, Sanaa, and Saudi Arabia and UAE initiated a full fledged war against the Houthis.

5/ In the 2000s, Saudi backed Yemeni governments carried out 6 separate wars against the now rebelling Houthis. Bush opposed most of these wars, believing the anti-Houthi campaigns to be doing more harm than good, especially as the Houthis began to reach out to Iran for help.

4/ Saudi Arabia sent Wahhabi settlers into Houthi areas to try to dilute Zaidism and increase Saudi influence in north Yemen. The Houthi resistance to the Saudis, and their patron governments in the Yemeni capital, grew and grew.

3/ The Houthis are a group of Shia tribes in northern Yemen who practice a distinct form of Islam called Zaidism. In the 1980s, the Saudis began a campaign to push Sunni Wahabism into Houthi areas, creating massive friction with Houthi communities.

Despite Yemen's Houthi rebels claiming responsibility for drone attacks on Saudi oil refineries, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo blamed Iran. Iran's foreign minister said Pompeo was turning from "max pressure" to "max deceit."

WATCH #Saudi  Patriot missiles intercepting missiles fired by #Iran-backed  #Houthi  militia from #Yemen  toward Riyadh on Sunday night. Seven Houthi missiles were shot down.

ALI ABDULLAH SALEH - First president of Yemen - President for 34 years - Survived assassination attempt in 2011 - Allied with pro-Iran Houthi forces against internationally recognised government in 2014 - Turned against Houthis three days ago - Killed today by Houthi forces

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