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The Intelligence Authorization Act (IAA) puts new protections in place that will better protect whistleblowers from the political interference by the White House that we’ve seen directed at the intelligence community’s watchdog, the ICIG.

Putting up fortifications around the White House. Denigrating select leaders (& former leaders) of your own military. Lambasting your own intelligence services. Trying to stifle free speech & suppress votes. It's all happening right before your very eyes, America. Pay attention.

Grassley’s office says the senator will place a hold on “nomination of Christopher C. Miller to be the director of the National Counterterrorism Center until the White House explains why Intelligence Community Inspector General Michael Atkinson was terminated.”

@ChuckGrassley  has been pressing the White House to provide a rationale for #Trump 's decision to dismiss the intelligence community's inspector general and his counterpart at the @StateDept , and has said responses from the @WhiteHouse  have fallen short.

@JoeBiden  @momsresistnowThank  you for your words of wisdom, humanity, compassion, intelligence, experience and honesty. I, and the majority of the world, can't wait for you to sweep that White House of the hate, the horror and the hypocrisy. #VoteBidenToSaveAmerica 

The accusations come despite ample evidence that the U.S. intelligence community provided the White House with urgent assessments of the Chinese outbreak last winter and that U.S. personnel assigned to WHO continually fed detailed reports from Geneva.

the story is so good, especially at depicting barr's intellectual and personal history as part of cadre of conservative officials (like dick cheney) whose mission is to throw off the shackles placed on the white house, intelligence, and law enforcement by congress after watergate

Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, requested the White House explain the basis for the firings in April and May of the inspectors general for the intelligence community and the State Department.

Cuts of hundreds of staff members at the White House and at the Office of the Director of National Intelligence have curbed leaks and stifled anti-Trump activists within both agencies, according to senior administration officials. #TWTFrontPage 

The first Director of National Intelligence was a career foreign service officer and a former staffer on the White House National Security Council. John Ratcliffe is best known for his fiery cross-examining of witnesses like special counsel Robert Mueller


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If the FBI or DOJ was infiltrating a campaign for the benefit of another campaign, that is a really big deal. Only the release or review of documents that the House Intelligence Committee (also, Senate Judiciary) is asking for can give the conclusive answers. Drain the Swamp!

JUST IN: The Senate Intelligence Committee affirms the intelligence community's conclusion that Russia acted to aid Trump in 2016 — and explicitly breaks with the House GOP. "The ICA reflects strong tradecraft," said Burr.

My exact question was: Are you aware that House intelligence committee staffer Shawn Misko had a close relationship with Eric Ciaramella while at the National Security Council together 1/2

Just Out: House Intelligence Committee Report released. “No evidence” that the Trump Campaign “colluded, coordinated or conspired with Russia.” Clinton Campaign paid for Opposition Research obtained from Russia- Wow! A total Witch Hunt! MUST END NOW!


BREAKING: The House Intelligence Committee just voted to release all witness transcripts from our Russia investigation to the Department of Justice and Special Counsel Mueller.

Next week, the House Intelligence Committee will hold its first open hearings as part of the impeachment inquiry. On Wednesday, November 13, 2019, we will hear from William Taylor and George Kent. On Friday, November 15, 2019, we will hear from Marie Yovanovitch. More to come.

BREAKING: House Intel just subpoenaed DOJ for all counterintelligence and foreign intelligence materials in the probe, the full report, and underlying evidence. DOJ has responded to our requests with silence and defiance. Congress needs the material. We will not be obstructed.

I’m increasingly worried Republicans will shut down the House Intelligence Committee investigation at the end of the month. Here’s why:

This was not the finding of the House Intelligence Committee, Mr. President, but only a statement by its GOP members, who lack the courage to stand up to a President of their own party when the national interest necessitates it.