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@RepAdamSchiff  says the House Intel committee was interested in having the whistleblower speak to the committee, but is now focused on making sure their identity is protected.

Rep. HECK says in all his thousands of hours of witness testimony and interviews on House Intel Committee, these eight hours have been the most impactful. Won’t elaborate.

New: @RepAdam Schiff tells us that the House Intel Committee will scrutinize Trump's decision to abandon the Kurds. Schiff points to rising GOP "anxiety" that Trump's "decision-making is becoming even more dangerously erratic." Me and @paulwaldman1 :

109 Republicans have backed a movement to condemn House Intel Committee chair Adam Schiff (D-CA) for deliberately misrepresenting a phone call between President Trump and Ukrainian President Zelensky, according to a list obtained by Breitbart News Friday.

Committee Chairs of House Intel, Foreign Affairs and Oversight just now: “We consider this interference to be obstruction of the impeachment inquiry. We will be issuing *subpoena* to Ambassador Sondland for both his testimony and documents.”

Adam Schiff, House Intel chair, says talks with State Dept went into night, with no indication Amb Sondland (who was mentioned in original whistleblower complaint), wouldn't show. Says got word this morning. Says there are messages on Sondland's personal devices committee wants.

“We cannot allow the President to somehow get to the whistleblower or threaten him or discourage him or her from telling their side of the story.” @CongressmanRaja  on why the House Intel Committee is considering taking extreme measures to conceal the whistleblower’s identity.

WATCH: House Intel Committee ChairAdam Schiff (D-CA) says the White House's decision to block U.S. Ambassador to the EU Gordon Sondland from appearing before Congress Tuesday "[is] yet additional strong evidence of obstruction"

Tune in now to @MSNBC  for an update from Adam Schiff, Chairman of the House Intel Committee

CONFIRMED: Gordon Sondland will not appear for his deposition before the House Intel Committee. His lawyer’s statement attributes decision to State Department:


Most relevant

Wow: House Intel Committee is preparing for impeachment hearings as soon as next week. Cmte to move as “expeditiously as possible”, @RepAdamSchiff  tells CNN. If WH stonewalls, “It will strengthen the case on obstruction,” he added

@RepAdamSchiff  is one of the smartest and most well-respected members of Congress. As the chair of House Intel Committee, he has an obligation to look into the whistleblower’s allegations. That is a check on presidential power enshrined in our constitution, not treason.

Russia attacked our democracy to help Trump win. Trump's campaign welcomed and used that help, and then Trump covered it up. As Mueller said, this should concern every American. On Wednesday, watch Mueller testify before the House Intel Committee:

Rod Rosenstein says he doing what the "Oath of office obligates us to do." Then why has he: -Failed to comply with Congressional requests and subpoenas -Been caught hiding information from Congress -And, according to media reports, threatened staff on the House Intel committee

BREAKING: just tore apart America's leading conspiracy theorist & Russia truther Adam Schiff to his face & then introduced a letter signed by all the GOP members of the House Intel Committee calling on him to resign! Bravo! Schiff is a liar & a hack. #FullOfSchiff 

BREAKING: and I just made a motion in House Intel Committee to subpoena the American interpreter during the summit — the only witness to Trump’s meeting with Putin. This is an extraordinary remedy, but Trump’s actions necessitate it. Republicans voted it down.

The House Intel Committee had a chance to interview Maria Butina, the Russian intel officer charged for working to create a “Kremlin backchannel” with the NRA — BLOCKED it. Congress should subpoena NRA to see if Russian money was funneled through NRA in 2016 election.

Today, Republicans on the House Intel Committee voted against our motion to subpoena the U.S. interpreter from the Trump-Putin summit to testify. The American people need to know what secret deals Trump made with Putin during his one-on-one meeting. Watch here:

Whoa: says that Dems on the House Intel Committee wanted to bring Maria Butina and Paul Erickson in for questioning — but were told not to by House Republicans, who were worried about “tarnishing” the NRA and President Trump.

Why isn’t every GOP intel & foreign affairs committee chair House & Senate demanding removal of proven security risks from White House?