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House Intel chair Adam Schiff warned members of his committee that GOP-led attempts to out the anonymous Trump-Ukraine whistleblower could violate congressional ethics rules

House Intel Chair Schiff releases a 6-page memo he sent to Dems about the procedures for upcoming impeachment inquiry hearings:

Republicans are allowed to request their own witnesses, but it’s ultimately up to House Intel Chair Adam Schiff to approve them. (Some of the GOP suggestions are explosive, including Hunter Biden and the anonymous whistleblower)

House Intel Chair Adam Schiff confirms first impeachment open hearings set for next week: "Those open hearings will be an opportunity for the American people to evaluate the witnesses for themselves … but also to learn first-hand about the facts of the President's misconduct"

House Intel chair Adam Schiff, whose panel is leading the impeachment inquiry, said that the first hearing will take place on Nov. 13. It'll feature William Taylor and George Kent, two State Department officials who played key roles in the Ukraine scandal

Public impeachment hearings start next week, says House intel chair, Adam Schiff by @lisettevoytko 

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LIVE: House Intel Chair Adam Schiff speaks after Democrats release some deposition transcripts in impeachment probe.

House Intel Committee Chair Adam Schiff: "We take no joy in having to move down this road and proceed with the impeachment inquiry, but neither do we shrink from it"

House Intel Chair Schiff announces the Intel cmte. will conduct open hearings as next steps in impeachment inquiry.

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House Intel Chair Schiff announces the Intel cmte. will conduct open hearings as next steps in impeachment inquiry.

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House Intel Chair Schiff, House Foreign Affairs Chair Engel nor House Armed Services Chair Smith were notified by the Admin about Baghdadi Smith’s office says they have reached out to DoD to determine why there was not a pre or post strike call + have not received any info

House GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy told me on that Intel Chair Adam Schiff "has now met Schiff's own standard" of why Rep. Devin Nunes had to recuse himself and now Schiff "needs to recuse himself from any new investigation"

House Intel Chair Adam Schiff: "I think the President's (comments) once again inviting foreign interference in our election is repugnant and a violation of his oath of office"

DEVELOPING: • Speaker Pelosi announces official impeachment inquiry against President TrumpHouse Intel Chair Schiff: Whistleblower wants to speak with cmte. • President Trump says he's releasing transcript of call with Ukrainian president Latest:

House Intel Chair Adam Schiff: "I want to thank the whistleblower for coming forward, for having the courage to follow the procedures as they're written in law to make a lawful disclosure to the Congress ... of conduct that was gravely concerning to the whistleblower"

We are told Speaker Pelosi will join House Intel Chair Schiff and House Judiciary Chair Nadler for a press conference at approximately 4:45pm following today’s two Mueller hearings per a committee spox.

six senior leaders of the FBI/DOJ have been reassigned or fired based on facts that have come out of the work of the inspector general Yet, House Intel Cmtw Chair Nunes is branded a lunatic by the CLINTON/obama mafia w new killers- adam Schiff & media Incredible

On CNN, House Intel chair Adam Schiff is asked what he'll do if Mueller does not allege collusion: 'We're going to have to do our own investigation.'

JUST IN: House Intel Chair Adam Schiff responds: “If the president is worried about our hiring any former administration people, maybe he should work on being a better employer.”