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Andrew Scheer wants House of Commons to open before end of November #cdnpoli 

John Bercow has launched a stinging attack on David Cameron just days after quitting as House of Commons Speaker - a role that has forced him to be impartial for the last ten years

Labour MP Keith Vaz has announced he will not seek reelection in the upcoming general election after he faced suspension from the House of Commons for six months over allegations he "expressed willingness" purchase cocaine for others

On the Profile podcast... Mark Coles profiles the new Speaker of the House of Commons, Sir Lindsay Hoyle, meeting - among others - his pet parrot, Boris.

As the UK prepares for #GeneralElection2019 , Sky News takes a look at how the gender, race, age and population of MPs compares with the UK. #GE2019  Here's how diverse the House of Commons is 👇

The term ‘Serjeant-at-Arms’ comes from the latin ‘serviens’, meaning servant. Early Serjeants for the monarch to arrest traitors and other offenders. In 1415, Nicholas Maundit was appointed as the Serjeant-at-Arms for the English House of Commons. Pictured: Sir Henry Erskine 1894

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The former speaker of Britain's House of Commons has been sampled in a Belgian dance anthem

The ex-speaker of the House of Commons says Brexit is "the biggest foreign policy blunder" in the U.K.'s post-war period

"Witnesses... told the committee that Russian agents were targeting research roles in the House of Commons, acquiring British citizenship to funnel cash to political parties and employing public relations firms to cleanse reputations."

Members of the public who have spent months campaigning on petitions to be considered by the House of Commons have had their work wiped out overnight:


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JUST IN: The Banksy painting "Devolved Parliament", which shows chimpanzees sitting in the U.K. House of Commons, sold for £9,879,500 ($12,203,602) at a @Sothebys  auction

Waiting for the letter. I just talked to PM @BorisJohnson  about the situation after the vote in the House of Commons.

"This has been the greatest privilege and honour of my professional life" John Bercow receives a standing ovation from MPs, as he announces his intention to stand down as House of Commons Speaker

Watch: Conservative MP Phillip Lee defects to the Liberal Democrats, crossing the House of Commons during a speech by Boris Johnson His move means the prime minister has no working majority ahead of a crucial #Brexit  vote [tap to expand]

Boris Johnson's record: Lost a by-election quicker than any PM for 111 years Lost 21 MPs (having purged them) Lost an MP to the Lib Dems Lost his majority Lost every Parliamentary vote Lost control of the House of Commons Lost his own brother as an MP and a Minister.

If the doors of the House of Commons are locked, I’ve pledged, alongside cross-party colleagues, to convene an alternative parliament. The toxic combination of an unwritten constitution & a PM willing to exploit every loophole is leaving us little choice

160,000 children from low-income families should pay for school meals, says government which gets £2.7million a year from taxpayers to subsidise bars and restaurants at the House of Commons.

In view of the rejection of the Withdrawal Agreement by the House of Commons, I have decided to call a European Council on 10 April. #Brexit 

House of Commons catering sense of humour klaxon

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Depressing that a full House of Commons for Davis on Brexit empties for Javid on Grenfell