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If someone tells you: ☕️You're flushing money down the toilet if you drink a latte 🏡 It's financial suicide to own a house 🚤Never buy a boat 🎓 Don't send your kids to college Ignore them, and follow these three rules instead (via @bopinion )

Great visit today w/ the Raleigh Family & Sheriff Si Leis to learn more about Madi’s House, which is designed to provide a supporting community to help adults maintain their recovery. So proud of the Raleigh family for channeling their grief into an org benefiting the community.

LSU celebrated their House'>White House visit dancing to “Get the Gat” 💀 (via @Jayy_Phillips95 )

BREAKING : State Patrol confirms it is investigating online threats against state House Republican Leader@jtwilcox111  by people angry at his suspension of Rep. Matt Shea (w @OlympiaJoe ) #waleg 

This week, House Dems: ✅ Voted to protect older workers against discrimination ✅ Voted to defend students who have been denied debt relief by the Administration ✅ Continued to call on the Senate to take up our govt reform legislation #ForThePeople 

The PM asked me for an election. I told him he'd only been PM for 1 day and I couldn't dissolve the House and send ppl off for another election already. So I've asked Opposition leader @AStargratt  to form a new govt. How historic! King-Byng II. #LUMP2020 

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Naw that's not what happened. I was in the house reading a good book and the dawgs were out there barking and shit..

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PopSockets CEO calls out Amazon's tactics before House committee

WHAT??? Police say the woman "was positive he was dead, yet left the house to go to work, leaving her six kids alone with the body."


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Cryin’ Chuck Schumer just said, “The American people want a fair trial in the Senate.” True, but why didn’t Nervous Nancy and Corrupt politician Adam “Shifty” Schiff give us a fair trial in the House. It was the most lopsided & unfair basement hearing in the history of Congress!

U bum @StephenCurry30  already said he ain't going! So therefore ain't no invite. Going to House'>White House was a great honor until you showed up!

“We demand fairness” shouts Pelosi and the Do Nothing Democrats, yet the Dems in the House wouldn’t let us have 1 witness, no lawyers or even ask questions. It was the most unfair witch-hunt in the history of Congress!

So after the Democrats gave me no Due Process in the House, no lawyers, no witnesses, no nothing, they now want to tell the Senate how to run their trial. Actually, they have zero proof of anything, they will never even show up. They want out. I want an immediate trial!

Nancy Pelosi will go down as the absolute worst Speaker of the House in U.S. history!

Sometimes before I leave the house I wave to my laptop camera just to brighten the day of the FBI agent. Friendliness is contagious you know.

It will be said of House Republicans, When they found they lacked the courage to confront the most dangerous and unethical president in American history, They consoled themselves by attacking those who did.

Hot waters broken in the house !! LOVE cold showers ...