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It took veterinarians at the #tamilnadu  veterinary university five and half hours to surgically remove a whopping 52 kg of #plastic  waste from the stomach of the cow.

Years ago @druidDUDE  paid a visit to the Glamour mag office and hung out with us for a couple of hours. Sweet, funny, genuine as well as super talented. Getting my #XFactorCelebrity  votes

Let me re-title your puff piece for you @nytimes . “48 hours inside the songwriter-stiffing-largely-unlicensed-Chinese-state-managed-Tibetan-Hong-Kong-Uighur-censoring-video service” It’s all fun and game NYT until someone ends up in a re-education camp.

SAS troops play Call of Duty at least four hours a day to prepare for combat

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S-market in Helsinki, Finland, has started holding "happy hours" to offer shoppers discounts on foods nearing their expiration dates in an effort to reduce food waste.

Former Winona postmaster Sherri Jo Genkinger must serve two years of probation and 80 hours of community service for destroying mail. Investigators found 1,300 pieces of undelivered mail and a bag of "apparently shredded greeting cards" in her office. |

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EXCLUSIVE: JLaw and Cooke Maroney make final preparations TOGETHER just hours before their wedding

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Deputies said the man hid behind a large display sign for nearly five hours, then waited for the store to clear out and close.

Only a few more hours to register for the @PNCBank  #ATL10  Miler! Online registration CLOSES at 6:00 p.m. The weather is supposed to be beautiful tomorrow! Join us:


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“About 500,000 human beings were killed in Syria while Barack Obama was president & leading for a “political settlement” to that civil war. Media has been more outraged in the last 72 hours over our Syria policy than they were at any point during 7 years of slaughter.” BuckSexton

wow I only released the song 4 and a half hours ago and you guys have it flying up the charts all over the place . Thank you

So glad to be in bed after a long and strange 24 hours

LOVE being sat on a plane for 4 hours after a 10 hour flight !! Soooo fun !

Hey #ARMY ! Only a few more hours until your boys @BTS_twt  hit the #GRAMMYs ! 😍 #TearItUpBTS 

Just 6 hours left and my age is no longer cool sounding #21wentquick  x

I was just handed a 479-page tax bill a few hours before the vote. One page literally has hand scribbled policy changes on it that can’t be read. This is Washington, D.C. at its worst. Montanans deserve so much better.

Thank you to all the fans who stood there for hours in the rain waiting for us, you were a fantastic audience , cya tomorrow at metlife

in the next 5 hours each RT = $1 donation by me to . Please read & share on why PP is important for all women.

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