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On Monday, around 200 homeless campers at Oppenheimer Park in Vancouver were given notice that they had to be out of the park by 6 p.m. today. But a non-profit housing provider says it was not told of the city’s plan until the "eleventh hour."

"Under what law?": P Chidambaram's lawyer to CBI on 2-hour notice

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"Under what law?": P Chidambaram's lawyer to CBI on 2-hour notice#PChidambaram  #INXMediaCase 

INX Media case: Under what law? #PChidambaram 's lawyer asks CBI on two-hour notice

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Parts of Leander under 24-hour boil water notice due to water main break

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"Under What Law?": P Chidambaram's Lawyer To CBI On 2-Hour Notice

Are U Superwoman? Wake up early in the morning cook breakfast for ur family kiss him goodbye take kids 2daycare work all day drive through rush hour pick kids up cook dinner help with homework always giving never complaining get ready 4bed he kisses u doesn't notice all that u do

Coworkers: You had a tough week, hope you're going to do something fun now! Me: Oh definitely Me an hour later: Will they notice if I'm just on Twitter

This is your ONE HOUR notice! 🚨 We’re so excited to see how our fave Geordies have been living life since the toon! 😍 #GeordieOGs 

IALPA pilots have served notice on Ryanair for a 48-hour strike from midnight on 22 August


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Been playing with fasting for some time. I do a 22 hour fast daily (dinner only), and recently did a 3 day water fast. Biggest thing I notice is how much time slows down. The day feels so much longer when not broken up by breakfast/lunch/dinner. Any one else have this experience?

Ever have those nights where u open a bag of Doritos & an hour later notice that bag is empty? Tell urself it was 1/2 full 2 begin with😳

We must pass privacy legislation! The bill that I’m leading w/Louisiana Sen. Kennedy is bipartisan & would require opting out of sharing data, clear plain language on how to do it & 72 hour notice of breach: There’s hope for online privacy legislation

House is out til tomorrow. Senators told no more votes tonight/24 hour notice before any next vote. There will be a government shut down.

JUST IN: Judge in Maria Butina's case schedules a telephone conference for 11a tomorrow, with 14-hour notice. No other information is given in the docket entry. The next scheduled conference in the case was not until Dec. 19.

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In the last hour (4): GOP chairman of Senate Intel said the committee "recently re-engaged Mr. Cohen and his team regarding press reports that suggested he had advanced notice of a June 16 meeting between campaign officials...and a Russian lawyer at Trump Tower."

WH counsel was notified as soon as order naming Mueller was signed I'm told. Not sooner. Less than one hour notice, official estimates

CNN reporting Rod Rosenstein gave AG Sessions and White House less than one hour notice on appointment of Mueller as special,counsel

I have filed a Notice in RS seeking permission to raise the GSTN issue at Zero Hour at 11 am today

@phanironically honestly it was an ocean of tourists with selfie sticks you could have a two hour photo shoot and no one would notice