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Committee Chairman Rouda calls this preventable poisoning of the water “a horror story of epic proportions.”

A modern horror story, in mere three words: "McKinsey’s Behavioral Lab"

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This freakin cute puppy with a freakin cute lil' tail on his freakin' cute lil' head has a kind of horror story explanation for how it got there. I love biology. By @Inkfish 

"The primary story is not about ghosts or demons or red rooms... but rather about bright futures, long lives, children, grandchildren, and hard-earned success. The second story, the darker story, is about the horror of being trapped." @KatyKelleher  @Curbed 

4 theories on the Horror Story Season'>American Horror Story Season 10 theme 🤔 What do you think Season 10 will be abo @AHSFXt ?

‘American Horror Story’ season 10 is “reuniting fan-favorite actors”


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Owning Fox gives Disney all of these entertainment assets: -The Simpsons -Family Guy -X-Men -Planet of the Apes -Alien -Predator -The X-Files -American Horror Story -Ice Age -Rio -Home Alone -The Sound of Music -Miracle on 34th Street -Titanic -Avatar

good idea: brendon urie on american horror story

I am so excited to be a part of American Horror Story's hardworking cast. A twisted fantasy. My favorite kind.

on second thoughts maybe watching 'Horror Story'>American Horror Story: Hotel' when i'm sleeping in hotels for the next month wasn't a great idea

I'm excited to watch Horror Story'>American Horror Story tonight. I know it's gonna scare the pants off me. Which is why I'm wearing two pairs of pants.