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Personal opinion: I don't really care for superhero movies. Not my thing. BUT, I'm not sure there are clear social implications. Seems more parsimonious to assume it's a cultural fad, same as 80s horror movies and 50s sci fi movies.

Here are TIME’s most anticipated horror movies with release dates set over the course of the next year

Were These Horror Movies Actually Scary?

On its 35th anniversary, we look back to see how Wes Craven's 'A Nightmare on Elm Street' changed the game for horror movies.

Dead Pledges Debt, Crisis, and Twenty-First-Century Culture By @anniemcclanahan  & @stanfordpress  looks like fascinating reading on the response in novels, poems photojournalism and horror movies to the collapse of consumer credit economy in 2008.

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The Birds & Other Horror Movies That Were Even Scarier Behind The Scenes -

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Five horror movies that influenced the ghost tale The Remaking

@escardio  In response to the paper highlighted by @escardio  , @ASH_LDN  say e-cig effects no different from drinking coffee, exercise, watching horror movies. Well, this very recent review of caffeine & endothelial function suggests otherwise

The heater in this seemingly very nice NYC hotel room sounds like the ominous music that plays in horror movies before the monster attacks. Love New York, city of dreams


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Iconic Scenes in Horror Movies: Randy's Speech in Scream

I love scary + horror movies, but I swear every time I watch The Exorcist it scares the Jesus outa me. Anyone got a #UnicornPillow  to hold!

Not really into horror movies haha

@JordanPeele  plans to direct a whole series of horror movies about 'social demons'

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George Romero was a great director, the father of modern horror movies. He was my friend and I will miss him. Rest in peace, George.

#GetOut breaks into the top 10 on our list of 75 Best Horror Movies:

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taking a much needed shower.. then more horror movies

BREAKING: George Romero, pioneering horror-film director who made zombie movies, dies at age 77.

5 words that scare the hell out of me in horror movies, "Based on a true story."