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We have a president who acknowledged on tape that he assaulted women. I would hope that he pays attention to what's going on and think about resigning.
applied for xfactor,hope it all wrks out
Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas Day. Love to all. H
Really proud of Miss You ! Hope you lot love it as much as I do!
Honored to have been a part of this, I hope you love it.
Dunkirk is out tomorrow.
See it in IMAX. H
Merry Christmas to everyone for tomorrow. Hope it's a lovely one well spent. Good tidings to all. H
Happy International Women's Day. I hope it was a wonderful one. H
I hope you realise what we have all done together really is incredible. You guys have made us what we are today! We'll be back soon enough!
".....and i hope you have a pleasant november"
@zaynmalik Happy birthday bro! Hope all is well and you have a good day celebrating it 🎉🍾🙌
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