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White House communications directors, since Jan. 2017: —Sean Spicer, 45 days. —Michael Dubke, 88 days. —Spicer (acting), 49 days. —Anthony Scaramucci, 10 days. —Hope Hicks, 225 days. —Bill Shine, 246 days. —Stephanie Grisham (current), 98 days.

NYT: Atty Gen Barr meets with Murdoch at media mogul's NYC home. Murdoch has never had such close ties with any US president. On Fox payroll: former Trump WH aides Hope Hicks, Raj Shah, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, etc. Flows in other direction too.

@lachlan  Dina Powell’s goodbye party was at the DC Korean karaoke bar Muzette, in one of their champagne-sodden private karaoke rooms, w/ a group of friends & Trumpworld figures such as Hope Hicks, with a memorable scene of them scream-singing the song “Take Me Home, Country Roads "

Through the free, online competition, founders Paul Joynson-Hicks and Tom Sullam hope that by tickling our funny bone, these images may also strike a chord for conservation.

Akiem Hicks just came out on the field with a member of the Bears’ training staff. Doing some light warmups. Still being told he’s unlikely to play, but maybe that indicates some hope there.

Hope Hicks considered a ‘pariah’ in Hollywood after working for Trump: She’s wearing the ‘scarlet T’ #FoxNews 

As somebody who is quite fond of Dwayne Haskins and his potential, I really hope the Redskins don’t throw him out there tonight. Cuz Khalil Mack will hit him and then Akiem Hicks will eat the marrow from his broken bones.

Hope Hicks considered a ‘pariah’ in Hollywood after working for Trump: She’s wearing the ‘scarlet T’

#TRUSTLESSTRUMP Hope Hicks considered a ‘pariah’ in Hollywood after working for Trump: She’s wearing the ‘scarlet T’. | Raw Story via rawstory

Hope Hicks considered a ‘pariah’ in Hollywood after working for Trump: She’s wearing the ‘scarlet T’


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The Dems are very unhappy with the Mueller Report, so after almost 3 years, they want a Redo, or Do Over. This is extreme Presidential Harassment. They gave Crooked Hillary’s people complete Immunity, yet now they bring back Hope Hicks. Why aren’t the Dems looking at the.....

Just asked Nancy Pelosi about WH saying Hope Hicks should not answer questions about her time at the WH, and she said: “Obstruction of justice.” And she walked to the elevator.

So sad that the Democrats are putting wonderful Hope Hicks through hell, for 3 years now, after total exoneration by Robert Mueller & the Mueller Report. They were unhappy with result so they want a Do Over. Very unfair & costly to her. Will it ever end? Why aren’t they.......

Hope Hicks rarely gets any of the criticism of her peers in the Trump orbit but she was, clearly, intricately involved in the covering up of a story about an affair that could have easily changed the course of the election.

Today’s Hope Hicks closed-door hearing is a political stunt. Democrats are looking to recreate the Mueller investigation. Meanwhile, the crisis on the border continues. When will Dems focus on helping the country?

There is nothing for Hope Hicks to “decide.” She got a subpoena from Congress. Were she not white, wealthy, and connected, we wouldn’t be having this conversation. She would appear, or she would face the threat of prison like the rest of us. As she should.

Isn't it weird Trump's gal Friday is Hope Hicks and his whole presidency is about giving hicks hope.

. is an Orwellian manufacturer of "Fake News." On - of all days - Sept. 11, he posted this photo showing his staff honoring the tragic anniversary. But: 1) It was raining today and 2) it includes the long-departed Hope Hicks and Omarosa (h/t )

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It is beyond insulting to treat Hope Hicks as a victim, as if being a young woman negates the potential for total agency. She has knowingly held up an authoritarian regime since its origins. She is both super pretty and pretty complicit.